10 Online Browser Games to Play in Your Free Time


Looking for ways to pass your day with online browser games? There are many ways to kill time. Such as watching a show/movie, reading a book, playing Wordle, or inviting your friends over for a gaming session if you have reliable internet like Spectrum internet deals.

10 Online Browser Games to Play in Your Free Time

For times when you would like to keep things, even browser games can prove to be entertaining. No need for a PlayStation or other flashy console to have a good time. Most of these games are free and easy to navigate.

Have a look at these online browser games to kill time and have fun at the same time. You might get addicted.

1: Akinator

This game can mess with your mind. Some say it has mystical powers but who knows. To get started, you will have to think of an animal/object or a character. Akinator will guess what you are thinking by asking some questions, of course. It will try and narrow down the possibilities. Answer these questions and let Akinator use its powers to guess the object.

2: Lords of Arena

With this game, choose the hero you would like and fight for fame, riches, and glory. This browser game is just an online strategy game but it lets you explore different dungeons, climb the mountain peaks, and level up. You will have 30 different heroes to choose from and participate in real-time battles. As you move to the next fight, your powers increase.

3: Quick, Draw

If you like to draw, this game is for you. It’s entertaining and you can easily lose track of time. To get started, all you have to do is draw the object prompted on your screen in just 20 seconds. An AI bot will guess what you have drawn. An added benefit of this game is that your artwork will be added to the largest doodling data set in the world.

4: Neopets

This nostalgic pet game can bring back so many memories. It’s classic and it’s simple. You must enter the Neopia world and adopt a Neopet from 50 different pots. You’re ready to start your adventure. Let your pet explore the Neopet realm, make them perform activities, feed them and nurture them. It’s refreshing.

5: Dragon Ball Online Zenkai

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? If so, then level up and become a Super Saiyan the fun way! Choose from 3 different races and 12 classes to play from. When you reach level 30, you become an adult. After this, you can also upgrade to the masterclass. Another cool thing about this game is that you can also enter tournaments and compete against other players.

6: Pokémon Showdown

This online browser game lets you catch Pokémon and train them as well. The battling simulator gives you access to all Pokémon in the franchise. You can match against the computer or other trainers. After a hard battle, forget the worry of training and healing your Pokémon. You can quickly move into the next battle. This is an essential browser game if you call yourself a Pokefan.

7: Sort the Cort

This fun-player game will give you the opportunity of taking the role of a king or a queen. You will be given subject after subject and each will come to you for help. Some would want food while others will want coins. Others would simply want to spend time in your royal court.

The game itself is pretty simple. You just have to press the keys: Y, N, and Spacebar. Things won’t always be easy but you will have a great time for sure.

8: 10 Bullets

This is not the typical arcade game. In this game, you will get 10 shots only. The mission is to avoid the shrapnel released by the ship when you destroy it. This shrapnel can get you killed. 10 Bullets is not that simple. You will have to strategize and know when to shoot.

9: Cut the Rope

This is another addictive game. You will have to feed the green monster. The game keeps leveling up. Keep in mind this game may look simple but it’s physics-based. It demands patience as well as brainpower.

10: Gartic.io

Here’s another fun browser game for those who love to draw or like guessing games in general. It’s a Pictionary game where you have to guess the item on the screen. All you have to do is draw and guess. This game also has a multiplayer version where 10 people can play at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Great with started with these free games. You don’t even have to download anything!


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