10 Ways Kasa Spot Smart Security Camera Makes Your Home Secure


The TP-Link is apparently one of the bests builders of routers. Now the company is joining the line of smart homes with its production line of Kasa Smart security cameras. The new production of the line of Kasa Smart Home cameras has eliminated the use of a Wi-Fi bridge. As well as having a smart home hub but provides connectivity via Wi-Fi. However, the company TP-Link announced the new Kasa Spot Indoor security cameras which work with Alexa & Google Assistance.   

10 Ways Kasa Spot Smart Security Camera Makes Your Home Secure

The Kasa Spot Indoors security camera of the TP-Link lines of smart home cameras is another security surveillance system. The camera is referred to as “Always Spot On” which monitors and secures your home in 1080p Full HD. It’s integrated with instant alerts from motion or sound detectors, customizable activity zones up to 4 to have full coverage of your friends, family, pets, and others.

Features of the Kasa Spot Indoor Security Camera

If you are looking for a comfortable home security camera. The Kasa Spot offers a catalog beyond every other category. This includes light switches, plugs, motion, and audio detection, Zoom, and a lot more. The camera offers users a way in which your home will look like that of a presidential house or bank which is hard to break in. through the following features

Kasa Spot Crystal Clear Video

Great quality streaming video with a resolution of 1080p Full HD to provide sharp and clear quality video. Whereby chasing off blur images, black and white video streaming.

Wide Angle Field of View

The Kasa Spot is designed with a rotatable motion of a 130-degree wide-angle field of view for you to be able to capture activity at various angles. Set up the camera in a corner of your living room or anywhere to get a full view of different areas in your home.

Instant Activity Alerts

Set up the instant activity alerts which keep you updated every single minute when something happens. With automatic alerts, you wouldn’t miss out on things or events as it unfold when the spot camera detects motions or sounds.

Activity Zone

Set up 4 customizable areas you want to lay your eye on the probable area that is not well secure without any charges. Therefore, you can place the activity zone around your living room, baby room, kitchen, or anywhere to want to lay your eyes on.

Two-Way Audio

Give you the opportunity to engage in conversation without having to be present. With the enhanced crisp speaker and microphone allows you to speak as well as listen to conservation.

Night Vision

During the night event usually unfold and it’s the scariest time where thing tends to happen. But with the Kasa Spot, enhanced night vision gives you a sign of relieves. This allows you to monitor everything at night.

Cloud Storage Plans

Offers you a Kasa Care Subscription plan which allows you to enjoy more services that include unlimited storage capacity and lots more.

Kasa Spot 24/7 Live View

Don’t miss a single minute with the 24/7 Live View which allows you to monitor your home, family, friends, loved ones. Also, things most important to you including your pets to you in real-time anywhere anytime via the Kasa Smart app.

Voice Control

Also, control your camera with the way it moves, activate what is needed to be activated. Even without you using your mobile phone or touching anything with Amazon, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Protect Every Pixel

The Kasa Spot encrypted with industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS to protect your video stream from overriding and cyber-attack.

How to Install the Kasa Spot Indoor Security Camera

However, Kasa Spot well packages with the following, Power Adapter, 10 ft USB Cable, 2 Mounting Screws. Also, Mounting Template, and Quick Start Guide.  Installing the Kasa Spot camera simple which you can do all by yourself without calling a technician. Read through the start guide to see instructions on how to mount the camera. Keep in mind that, the Kasa Smart app required whereby you can see any hidden things that happen while you’re away.

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Website: Kasa Spot – Kasa Smart Home


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