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E3 2016 Continues The Tradition of Showing Trailers Without Release Dates

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After tuning into E3 2015 last year, and coming away with the notion that we’d prefer not to see so many trailers of games without release dates or with release dates beyond 2017, we were disappointed yet again to see the same thing take place during E3 2016.

Several video games were showcased during the show, and many of them were highlighted in the form of a trailer.

Yes, we understand E3 is a place for game developers and publishers to announce new things to the gaming world, but it could be much better if companies end the act of stuffing their conferences with games people won’t ever get to play until the next 2-years. If a company doesn’t have enough content to show, then keep a shorter conference and be done with it.

At E3, we want to see games set to launch during the same year or the next. Furthermore, we’d prefer if all games would have a few minutes of gameplay to give viewers an understanding of what to expect What Microsoft did with “Gears of War 4”, and what Sony did with the new “God of War” is just the perfect way to showcase games.

Still, both companies went ahead and highlighted some of their games in ways we do not support. For example, Sony and Hideo Kojima announced “Death Stranding” and to the surprise of many, “The Walking Dead” star, Normand Reedus, is the lead character.

As expected with the reveal of a Kojima game, the trailer was shrouded in mystery, but at least a small gameplay reveal or even a release date saying 2017 would have sufficed.

As for Microsoft, it showed us “Sea of Thieves” once again, the gameplay demonstration was more or less, boring. We came away remembering mostly the screaming of players instead of what the game has to offer because overall, Sea of Thieves showed little.

We can only hope things change in the future because E3 conferences in their current form are leaving gamers underwhelmed and asking for a whole lot more.

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