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What Happened to Microsoft’s Gaming Plans for HoloLens?

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HoloLens is the future of personal and mobile computing for Microsoft, and also for gaming, but why hasn’t the software giant demoed anything relating to the device at its E3 2016 press conference? The answer is simple, HoloLens is more catered towards businesses and the enterprise than anything else.

Let’s be honest here, what we have seen of HoloLens where gaming is concerned, has not managed to wow the world. We know it works, but if it is anything like Kinect where folks have to wave their hands and move their entire body, we doubt it will gain traction in the realm of gaming any time soon.

Microsoft grabbed the attention of developers and gamers alike when it showed off Minecraft running on its HoloLens device. Many were excited about what this thing could do, but it quickly took a backseat when it was revealed that the field of view (FOV) was too small.

The idea of slapping on HoloLens and playing a video game on a tabletop is not a terrible one by any means. Unlike virtual reality (VR), HoloLens uses the augmented reality technology (AR), which means users are not immersed in a different world.

Instead, HoloLens blends the digital world with the real one. We especially find this more pleasing than VR, seeing as there’s little chance for players to feel dizzy and the need to vomit everywhere. Furthermore, it does not take players out of the real world by completely blocking their view.

Still, the concept of playing video games via a virtual reality headset seems a lot better than whatever HoloLens can muster. Microsoft knows this, which is why when it announced Project Scorpio, the software giant only spoke about VR and 4K instead of its own AR goggles.

One could argue that Microsoft added three video games to HoloLens’ development kit, but when we look at what developers and Microsoft itself are working on, the gear appears to be moving towards the enterprise and less so towards the regular consumer.

Whatever the case may be, it is possible HoloLens may never take off when it comes down to gaming. Then again, the same can be said for VR, so let’s wait and see what happens.

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