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‘Resident Evil 7’ Proves Sony Needs PlayStation 4 Pro

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“Resident Evil 7” is a clear sign of why Sony needs the PlayStation 4 Pro despite what detractors have to say. Several reports have claimed that “Resident Evil 7” does not perform well when played with Sony’s PSVR headset due to gamers feeling nausea and dizzy.

We first came across such reports from Kotaku, then quickly after, other publications such as Engadget began to report on the same matter. Yes, we know “Resident Evil 7” is still in development and anything could change before the game’s official release date.

However, we have to bear in mind that VR headsets require video games to be running at 90 frames per second or higher in order for smoother gameplay, and less nausea feeling. The PlayStation 4 in its current form can only deliver VR games at 60 frames per second, that’s 30 frames below the required number.

Because of this, Sony has no choice but to launch a newer console such as the rumored PlayStation 4 Pro to complement the PSVR. The Japanese giant could either bet its VR strategy on the current PlayStation 4 model and risk the whole gaming industry having terrible experiences with PSVR, or launch a new console to give its new device the power it needs to shine.

Bear in mind that too many terrible VR experiences can destroy the whole idea. It would be a detriment to other VR headset makers such as Oculus VR/Facebook, HTC, and Valve.

The rumored specifications of the PlayStation 4 Pro claims it has a GPU power of around 4.5 teraflops. That should be enough to deliver quality VR games; but at the end of the day, it will all depend on the developers and how they take advantage of the new-found power for VR to succeed.

Gamers will play a key role as well. Are players interested in wearing a VR goggles over their heads for long hours? If not, this VR thing will likely stall.

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