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These ‘Destiny’ Action Figures Are the Bee’s Knees

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“Destiny” is deemed as one of the best video games when it comes down to first-person shooters. This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as the developers behind the title are no other than Bungie, the folks who kickstarted the “Halo” craze over a decade ago.

For the many “Destiny” fans, we’re sure some of you would love to get your hands on some hot toys. Bungie knows this, which is why the company teamed up with the 3A to deliver some of the best-looking action figures we have ever seen.

They are not cheap either; you’ll need to have a whopping $190 in the bank to spend on these things, but from what we can tell, they worth the cost.

The action figures in question are Warlock and Hunter figures, and each will be released in three flavors. One for 3A’s store, one for Bungie’s store, and another for regular retailers. We’re not certain why the need for three flavors, but who cares, right?

These toys look great and should be owned by any fan who has a thing for collecting video game related toys.

From what we have come to understand, the Warlock is 12.6-inches (32cm) tall and features a chatterwhite Shader and 27 points of articulation. As for the Hunter, it’s 12.2-inches Tall (31cm), features 27 points of articulation, a Shattered Vault Cloak, and chatter-white shader.

Warlock pre-orders will go live on July 7, while the Hunter pre-order will open on July 21.

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