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Are These the Best Games of E3 2016? We Think They Are

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The E3 2016 conference has come and gone, and gamers are left to wonder how will they manage to afford new consoles and all the hotly anticipated new video games highlighted during the show. We’ve seen them all, and of course, we’re going to have our favorites of the bunch.

When it comes down to our favorite games from the show, that number is vast, but will only be talking about the top five. We’re sure many will have different views and their own favorites of the show, and that’s fine. We have a comment area below this article, just go there and vent your frustration at us for not listing the games you prefer, because we can take it.

The title’s we are going to talk about are from multiple publishers. Some will be exclusive to a particular console while others are 100 percent multiplatform.

Without further chit chattering, let’s get down to the list in no particular order.

“For Honor” from Ubisoft (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

The trailer really got us excited about the game and its world of men, and women, with swords. Indeed, it is one of the best trailers of E3 2016, but it took nothing away from the gameplay. The official gameplay demo appeared smooth and focused in the action department. However, it needs blood and gore to really sell the action because, at this point, we’re a bit concerned.

“We Happy Few” from Compulsion Games (Xbox One, Windows 10)

Let’s be honest here, “We Happy Few” is one of the big surprises of the show. The game is all about a group of people who appears to have been brainwashed in some form. They eat pills known as “Joys” to keep themselves under the trick. The main character is a “Downer”, someone who sees the world for what it is because he’s still sane.

“Forza Horizon 3” from Playground Games (Xbox One, Windows 10)

The Forza games have been some of the most consistent; it’s as if the developers are unable to fail. This is why we have been granted a Forza Horizon 3 title this year, and from all indications, this game is going to be blast similar to the earlier versions. Forza Horizon 3 this time around, is set in Australia, so expect to drive in great environments throughout the outback. We hope to see a few crocodiles here and there.

“God of War” from Sony Santa Monica (PlayStation 4)

A new game in the God of War series? Yes, please! We’ve seen what the others are like, but this new one comes off a little bit different, you see. Kratos is now a father, and his son will play a huge role in the story. We do not know much of the game, but we do know Kratos can command his son during battle.

“Zelda: Breath of the Wild” from Nintendo EPD (Nintendo Wii U)

It’s been a while since I’ve played a Zelda game, but Breath of the Wild is threatening to return me back to the franchise next year. The design looks great, and the fact it’s an open world game makes it all the better. We’ve never had an open world Zelda title before, but that’s not the only unique thing Breath of the Wild brings to the franchise. Technology is here as well, but we hope it is not too prevalent in gameplay.

Think your list is better than ours? Well, share with us.

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