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‘Unloved’ Review (PC): Blood and Gore With Some Problems

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Recently I got the chance to play an entertaining video game known as “Unloved”. The game is available right now via Steam Early Access, and from what we can tell, it’s a relatively fun experience with more gore than what I had anticipated.

Let’s be clear here; “Unloved” is not for the faint of heart because the blood and gore do get to the extreme at times. However, that’s one of the reasons why I had fun with the game, especially seeing as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This game is a DOOM 2 mod based on the Unreal Engine, so as expected, it will have a similar vibe to the popular game. The enemies here are all monsters and demons; hell bent on taking you out. You’ll need to have wits and a good enough shooting skill break your way through the horde.

The enemies here are not forgiving, and will wipe you out quickly if you stand around for too long. I recommend the tactic of shoot and move as it worked wonders.

Here’s the thing, seeing as “Unloved” in its current form, is in Early Access, the list of enemies’ players will come across is pretty small. Now that’s a problem because it only takes a while before I began to get bored with the same type of enemies trying to rip my guts out.

It also didn’t take very long for the scary sounds to be, well, not scary anymore. That was a huge disappointment because I got a Left 4 Dead vibe from this game, and up to this day, those zombies, especially the “Witch” type, can still force me to navigate carefully and keep and watch my surroundings.

That same feeling didn’t last long while playing “Unloved”, but that doesn’t mean the developers cannot improve before its official release date come September 29, 2016.

What is ‘Unloved’ all about?

Survival, that’s the primary goal here. To gain access to certain parts of the map, you’ll need collect crests.

The Blood Crest gives access to the Red parts of the play area, and the Moon Crest provides access to the Blue areas. Furthermore, players can only end their run of the game by locating the Sun Crest. This gives access to the Yellow rooms, and here you’ll find seven blood machines.

To activate the blood machines, players must give up a portion of their health.

We should point out that there are four game modes in “Unloved”: Ultra Violence, Classic Horror, Arcade, and Hot Mode. I enjoyed Classic Horror because it slows the game down, but monsters are harder to kill, so keep that in mind.

Are there any collectibles?

Sure. As you play, you’ll find things that can be used to customize your profile. Use them to gain Karma, which in turn, determines your profile level. For example, one of these collectibles might increase the damage of your favorite gun, and another might improve your health and armor.

Overall, I had fun playing “Unloved”. Didn’t get the chance to play co-op with anyone, so maybe it could have been more fun. Still, there are problems here we hope the developers will get the opportunity to fix. They are not game breaking, but they could determine how long folks stay around.

Purchase “Unloved” via Steam Early Access.

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