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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Video Taken Down Due to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 began blowing up unexpectedly, Samsung has been on the defensive. The company’s reputation is no longer what it used to be, which is probably the reason behind the takedown of a Galaxy Note 7 video on YouTube.

The video was all about using the Galaxy Note 7 as a grenade for the sole purpose of blowing things up. If you’re still confused as to what is going on here, well, a Grand Theft Auto 5 modder found a way to replace grenades with the Samsung device.

From what was shown in the video, the player was seen throwing the Galaxy Note 7 mockup against vehicles and in-game citizens. As the phone hit the ground, it would explode, causing a ruckus as citizens run for their lives.

It was quite entertaining, but Samsung didn’t feel the same way most viewers did. The video caused a problem, and before long, it was removed from YouTube by the request of the company itself.

The uploader, who goes by the name, sdaddy345, isn’t happy about the takedown and is making moves to have his video reinstated. In a statement on Reddit, he said he might have to wait up to 10 days to find out if his video will be visible to the public again.

He’s angry, mainly due to the amount of work he put into creating the video.

“Pretty bummed out,” sdaddy345 wrote on Reddit, “that Samsung copyright take downed a video that I made 100%… No logo, image or even the word ‘Samsung’ was uttered/shown in the video. It was pretty much the same thing as this video, which is just a gta 5 player throwing the phone at cars and blowing them up.”

We have to disagree with sdaddy345 because the phone did have the word Samsung on its body, so that might be the reason for the takedown. Still, we expect the video to be reinstated since it’s nothing but parody, and YouTube has no problems with that.

UPDATE: Video is up again.

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