Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Storage to a Solid State Drive

Recently we spoke about why SSD cards are not good for Windows users in some ways. Don’t get it twisted, these drives are the future and we expect manufacturers to release improvements to make them better than what is available today.

Despite everything we’ve said, SSDs are the best if you’re looking for speed and efficiency. This is because Solid State Drives do not come with a magnetic platter that spins. There are no moving parts, so even if the computer falls and takes a beating, the drive should continue to work without any problems.

Lower capacity drives are less expensive today

Now, while the prices are not on the same level as mechanical hard drives, they are no longer super expensive when compared to a few years in the past. It’s possible to acquire a SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB drive for $44.99, something that was not possible in 2008, that’s for sure.

Reasons to switch from mechanical keyboards to Solid State Drives

As we’ve stated above, these hard drives are faster and more efficient is many things that matter. Some folks who are used to working with the 7200 RPM hard drives will say they are fast, but until they’ve experienced an SSD, even an inexpensive one, they have yet to know what true hard drive speed feels like.

We can say for sure that a cheap SSD is more than twice as fast when compared to a 7200 RPM drive, and that’s a huge improvement. Just imagine if one decides to spend big on an SSD? Right now, for those on a budget, we suggest playing around with an affordable SSD until the pocket is able to stretch further.

When using an SSD, your computer will boot faster, and any files installed on the drive will launch and perform much faster than before. This is a fact and one that is even more prevalent for gamers who are seeking faster boot times. In fact, an SSD will no doubt work wonders inside an Xbox One seeing as the built-in hard drive is nothing but a 5400 RPM mechanical drive.

Large Solid State Drives are no longer super expensive

While we do recommend going the cheaper route for those on a budget, we’d still like to point out that larger drives are more affordable today. In the past, an 80GB SSD cost at around $600, but today, one can purchase a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive for the cool price of $93.99 via Amazon.

Want something larger? The 480GB version of the SanDisk SSD PLUS goes for $129.99, which is a solid number seeing as other brands are more expensive.

How to install your brand spanking new SSD

It’s quite easy if you’re the owner of a desktop computer. The procedure is the same as installing a mechanical hard drive. Just power down your computer, remove the hard drive bay and replace the old with the new. Now, if you have more than one hard drive bay, we suggest using one to house a mechanical drive, and the other for the SSD.

The mechanical drive is perfect for storing files that are not accessed on a regular basis, while the SSD is best used for everything else including your Windows installation.

When it comes down to a laptop, it’s a bit complicated, but nothing overly tricky. As long as the device is easily opened and the hard drive can be replaced, then an SSD should be able to fit just fine. Furthermore, the DVD or CD drive can be swapped out in favor of a new spot for your Solid State Drive.

For those who are unable to afford a Solid State Drive at the capacity they prefer, worry not, for prices are coming down every year. In fact, in the future, we’re going to share some of the best deals on SSDs to help you move forward into the future of hard drives.

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