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Everything new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16199

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Recently, Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, made a sweet offering to all those involved with it. To be specific, the team rolled out the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16199. It claims to dispense fixations for the hiccups intimated with the practical details of the previous update, the Fall Creators.

Moreover, the new one wraps improved My People and Settings features with it.

For those who don’t know what the program is for, here’s a short intro. The Windows Insider Program is something like the “Beta Testing” in Android. You’ll get to use and review the latest drivers/application updates of the operating system, ahead of its actual launch, when signed-up for it.

Then again, you can expect a considerable number of issues and bugs with the updates. Actually, they are out for you to indicate them to the company.

My People – A new way to connect

Coming back to the new features that the update has brought out, let’s first have a look at the new additions to the My People. The feature is a future endeavor from the company, to render a compelling platform, to connect/share with besties, pinned in the taskbar. Subsequently, the new update has personalized the feature, which makes it a bit closer to make it complete.

Accordingly, we can send/receive animated emojis via Skype, to the pinned contacts, right from our taskbar. Interestingly, the emojis animates on the Desktop. A counter (badge) is now visible in the pinned contacts, showing how many unread messages/calls we have.

Besides, file sharing has also been simplified, either by a drag-and-drop action or by choosing from a list of people. With the latter, this feature becomes the default distribution method, in Windows 10.

New Improved Settings Update

The changes that the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16199 has brought with the Windows 10 Settings are welcoming. Specifically, the menus, which were known for being dumb, with chances for not being used any time.

Well, Settings –> Update & Security, features various videos, explaining how to use it. This initiative inspires us to explore unknown settings. However, you will need a strong internet connection to stream them.

In further, the About section is also made usable now, by adding System Info, Specs, etc. to it.

The new Storage Sense is now put-in for further use, than just showing the apps, using up the disk space. Yes from now, it will erase the files in the Download section that remains unmodified for over 30 days. Anyway, it is turned off by default, to avoid accidental loss of data.

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