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June Xbox Games With Gold Delivers Several Impressive Titles

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With only a few days left for May to end, the game heads out here, with Xbox Live Gold memberships, are already ignited. Yes, it’s exactly for the June’s cluster of free games with Gold titles. Well, the summer is going to be fantastic with the listed games under Xbox One and Xbox 360, towards the oncoming month.

For those who aren’t aware, the Xbox Live Gold is a kind of premium membership, for the Xbox Live services. It attracts some advantages, such as playing against other gamers online; chatting with them; and more importantly free Gold games every month.

A video has been posted on YouTube, officially on the Xbox’s channel, revealing the free games of June. Accordingly, the list is adorned with “Dragon Age: Origins” and “Assasins Creed III,” under Xbox 360; and “SpeedRunners” and “Watch Dogs,” Xbox One; along with DLC for “Phantom Dust” as a bonus. Moreover, the corresponding dates of availability of every game are also clearly shown in the video.

Let’s have a brief look at each of the games.

Xbox 360 Gold Titles

Dragon Age: Origins

It is a superbly enthralling game that pilots the players into its fantasy world. The gripping storyline of the game travels through captivating acquaintance with various in-game fictional characters. Hence, no wonder that it is so appealing to ultimately grab our attention; it has got all the deserving nuances. The game is scheduled from 16th to 30th of June.

Assassins Creed III

The game’s free availability is set within the period of 1st and 15th June, as per the official declaration. It’d be a cliché to say that you would’ve been living under rocks if you haven’t heard of this game. Yet, we couldn’t stop ourselves from saying it. “Assassins Creed III” has received such a heart-throbbing reception, since the day one.

Xbox One Gold Titles


The “SpeedRunners” is a fast-paced arcade title, which features a slew of scheming actions, adding up even more pulsating rapidity to the game. Moreover, it is a fantastic multiplayer game that can set up to 4 players on fire, at a time. Besides, the game will be available throughout the month. Therefore you can put your Xbox Live Gold membership into fullest use, with it.

Watch Dogs

An impressive visual graphics and gameplay have been put up here. However, the game isn’t catching up with the momentum of a raging gamer, for its boring storyline. But, apart from it, we have no complaints. It is worthy to try and the one that is extending up to July, availability-wise, which is June 16th to July 15th.


DLC for Phantom Dust

“Phantom Dust” is getting re-released starting from June 1st. As a bonus, the multiplayer downloadable content for the game is given away for free, for the Gold members. Keep in mind that this bonus worth $14.99 and hence, make use of it.

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