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Microsoft Ranked Most Trusted Smart City Vendor: What Does It Mean?

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In this today’s tech-driven world, innovation has become imminent, every day. With innovations made now and then, competition between businesses has rocketed.

With this, companies now have to struggle a lot to build a brand loyalty. But, one company seems to have won it hands down. And Microsoft tops IDC survey, as a proof of it.

To illustrate in detail: IDC (International Data Corporation), an important analyst organization, has attempted to explicate the, who would the most trusted for the US Smart City transformation.

And undoubtedly, Microsoft ranked first, to be the most reliable vendor. To be precise, the latest IDC Survey Spotlight has proclaimed that Microsoft is the most favored company, in its Smart City MaturityScape Benchmark survey.

This with satisfying answering the questions on trust and customer satisfaction, in authorizing the smart-city digital transformation.

What Do They Ask in the IDC’s Smart City MaturityScape Benchmark Survey?

Well, the MaturityScape Benchmark Survey, intended in authorizing the capable and efficient partner in the smart-city digital transformation. The survey involved 151 U.S local government organizations, to answer questions on trust and customer satisfaction. With these questions, the competence of 15 technology vendors, were to be analyzed, on the scores they obtain.

IDC has conducted this survey by inquiring two important questions. For both these fundamental questions, Microsoft tops IDC survey with 4.35 and 4.39 for trust and customer satisfaction respectively. It was the one technology supplier that scored the highest, in the tough fight with other companies including Ericsson, IBM, AT&T, and Oracle.

According to the IDC’s statement, the company has satisfied all the install-based works. The cloud capabilities, analytics and Smart City partner ecosystem, they’ve built already, for its CityNext initiative, have put in a large effect, for this positive reception.

Further, it reports that the US Smart City market continues to be targeted by more competitors, who have entered with a lot of branded offerings. But, since already Microsoft tops IDC survey, we could surely say that it knows how to get the best, from this market, with its own product offerings.

Microsoft should be grateful to receive this form of customer feedback. Do you know why? It acknowledges not only Microsoft but also its CityNext partners. This indicates, how mindful they are informing allies, while on a mission. They have an in-depth knowledge, which is needed to empower more prosperous, and sustainable smart cities.

We could list out the highlights of the CityNext scheme as: Helps to empower employees; connect city leaders and citizens, and even to optimize the operations. What’s more! It transforms cities to become a safer, healthier and better-educated place on earth.

How Did the Other Companies Perform?

On the whole, 15 companies have answered the IDC questions, but unfortunately, only five companies have scored impressive results. IBM and Oracle have scored very well, standing next in line after Microsoft (IBM ranked 3rd, and Oracle ranked 5th position).

One the other hand, SAP, and Ericsson have scored less, with fewer satisfactory answers and trust level. Therefore, the result of IDC’s confidence and customer satisfaction survey, strongly shows that Microsoft is on the right track, in helping cities and citizens unlock their capabilities. Besides, it creates smarter as well as a more vibrant place to live, work and play.

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