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Computex 2017: IoT, MR, and Always-Connected PCs the Stars of the Show

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We are nearly halfway through the Computex 2017 event; and as usual, we’ve got a glimpse on a handful of latest PC products, mobile gadgets, and even skinny hardware components. Now again the trend continues, Microsoft has Microsoft showcased a bevy of new innovative Windows 10 devices.

With this, it has sparked the emerging categories, such as Windows Mixed Reality, and Internet Of things (IoT).

At the said event, Nick Parker, Microsoft Corp Vice President, belatedly stated that: With their partners (Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba) they’ve endeavored to reinvent the existing products and explored new ones.

Also, Microsoft has also showcased the “Always Connected PC” from their partners: The devices featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset; eSIM technology; Windows 10; LTE connectivity and enormous battery life.

Now let’s walk through the innovations rendered with the newly revealed modern devices, from their leading partners.

New Innovative Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft is making a hard push into the Mixed Reality headset sector, the primary of innovative Windows 10 devices. Let’s see the bells and whistles from the allies, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo.

The Asus headset flaunts a low-poly 3D front cover display panel; with an ergonomically adjustable strap, which can be easily adjusted with one hand. Further, the company stated that they’re tirelessly working with Microsoft, to craft the headset with Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF), a motion tracking controller.

Next in line is the Dell headset. Take a look at Dell’s MR headset. How pretty it is! This white beauty is designed by the company’s XPS and Alienware teams. It is featured with weight balanced headband, cushions, cable routing and a flip-up visor.

On this line, Lenovo is also working on its own Mixed Reality headset. It seems that they’ve also included the Microsoft’s 6DOF tracking sensors. But sadly, its solid specs and other details remain uncertain.

However, we have to wait for a while to experience all these new-age devices. The price and availability details haven’t been disclosed yet.

Meanwhile, some of the other Microsoft partners have already started taking pre-orders for their MR headsets. Well, they’re the Acer’s and HP’s certainly. So hurry up guys! Make use of the pre-orders.

Internet of Things (IoT) – A Big Ups to Windows for an Attractive Interface

A lot had changed in the past decade. Yes, we have seen the rise of smartphones; self-driving car; home appliance controllers via phones, etc. As you’d be probably aware of, all these emerged, because of the rise of Internet of Things.

To start with, you’ve to recall the last summer. Yes! You got it. It was exactly when Microsoft announced its Windows 10 support for IoT devices, initially. Back then, there were full of excitements along with skepticism in the business world, about its future.

Well, the company has again taken on the rapidly evolving, yet highly competitive technology. To be precise, with the Windows 10 IoT, Cortana analytics, Business Intelligence and Azure IoT – Microsoft is offering an end-to-end system opportunity, for traditional businesses to adopt new business models.

Still confused? Let’s take a small instance, the Airbox. Airbox, an airspace warning device, attributed with IoT. With this instrument a pilot can check the weather for the day, route planning and other things, synced with the Airbox GPS.

Always Connected PCs – A New Innovative Device With Windows 10 OS

With respect to the improvements in various computing technologies, user expectations rises-up wildly every day. Accordingly, today people prefer to have the latest network technologies like LTE and eSIM, connected to the cloud at all times. The Microsoft is going on the line. For skinny hardware designs, they are working with Intel and Qualcomm chipsets, along with mobile operators’ eSIM technology, with all their upcoming Always Connected PCs.

This has paved a clear path in manufacturing new budget-friendly 2-in-1 gaming laptops. You’d have already known it if you’re following the new launches of Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Dell, and Samsung. Acer’s Nitro 5 and Spin 1; Asus’s ZenBook, VivoBook, and Zephyrus; Dell’s Inspiron 27 7000 AIO, and the Inspiron 24 5000 AIO; Lenovo’s V720; and Samsung NoteBook 9 Pro.

The most highlighted features of the Windows 10 here, are Cortana and Windows hello. They are supported by almost all the devices. In further, even the Microsoft Surface Pen is bundled with the laptops from Samsung and Acer.

Innovative Windows 10 Devices – Building an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

The business world is rapidly digitizing and creating new opportunities for sustainable and successful business models. Well, it’s time for everyone to evaluate the possibilities and start rendering a new future to their businesses.

However, Microsoft has started thriving in their business; we don’t know whether they have arrived too late or too early. Their partners are gearing up their entire list of devices, in both educational and gaming sectors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and see what their patrons and fans feel with these devices.

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