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Can Microsoft Revive Windows Phone From the Dead?

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We’re quietly witnessing, Microsoft with a multi-year head start in the smartphone market, is being completely blindsided by the other smartphone manufacturers.

The question is; why the OS giant is struggling so much, to build sustainable mobile devices? Are there any possibilities for the company to put an end to the annoying ‘Windows Phone is Dead’ anomaly?

For a bit of intro, Microsoft first set foot in the smartphone world, with the Windows Phone 7 in 2010. To be precise, right at the time, when the Apple and Android were beginning to take off; not that vigorously competitive ground.

Moreover, the Windows phone was received well initially. Despite, Microsoft, now has no horse in the smartphone race.

Windows Phone Dead? What about iOS & Android?

According to a recent report from IDC, it is expected that Android and iOS are soon going to have 99.8% of the whole market share! The thing we’ve to infer from this is: Platforms do decide the success. Hence, let’s first have a look at the differences between the Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Well, addressing it would enable us to have a clear analogy, rather than just reverberating the Windows Phone Dead mantra, again and again.

Android software, being open source, encourages developers to develop contents, apps, and games on their own. But in contrast, Windows is closed source, produced by the company, having their own copyrights too. At the same time, we should note that the other successful iOS, is also a closed source one.

So the other major thing to address is the UI. In both Android and iOS, the home screen revolves a row of icons. But, Windows phones are a massive departure from this norm. They have tiles, which seems to be a little complex. But however, there are people who have praised Windows live tiles start screen, while some comprehended it to be confusing and disorienting.

Regarding enterprise, the Android is way ahead. There are too many manufacturers, like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, etc. offering the Android OS, with their devices. Whereas, the windows phone was provided only with certain manufacturers like Nokia and HTC. Then again, ever seen iOS in a non-Apple device?

Every single aspect, we try to portray as what Windows lack, is countered well, somehow or the other. Hence I’d dwell upon one factor, the credibility: Lack of timely response when the users were shouting about some difficulties. Their stubborn and slow improvements to the Windows Mobile OS, made consumers, collectively yawn.

Nokia and Microsoft Signed Strategic Tie-up

As a refreshment, the mobile platform Nokia had signed up with the Microsoft to rebuild its fortunes in 2011. While at that time, the competition was healthy, made with the “three horse race” – the Nokia-Microsoft, Apple, and Android platform.

With their partnership, Nokia said that they would work together on marketing and develop a joint roadmap. But, unfortunately, Nokia was soon dominated by the Windows platform. Over 90% of all Windows phones was Nokia Lumia, back then.

From Bad to Worse: The Sad Reality About Windows Phone

Yes, you have guessed in the right line. I practically triggered out the sales report for Windows smartphone. In worldwide, the smartphone sales had grown by four percent when compared to the previous year. Yet, with all their creative innovation, Windows phones sales went off eventually.

Although, in 2016 the company saw a 3.9% sales, while now it had faced nearly 2.5% drop in its market share.

Reason for Microsoft Business Fell Off

Part of the problem is that, the tie-up between the Microsoft and Nokia. It was their weakness not a backbone of success.  Yes! The Microsoft sales begin to drop after the new Nokia’s Lumia device. Microsoft revealed that it plans to sell its future phone business to a Foxconn subsidiary for $350 million, but the company touted that, they had sold only $2.3 million Lumia device. As a result, Microsoft revenue had declined over 46%.

Just imagine, if Microsoft has no plans to introduce its Lumia device, then there is a sparkling feature for Microsoft both in sales and in market shares.

What Is the Microsoft’s Grand Plans for Phones – Things to Improve Its Mobile OS

Microsoft has been silent on the subject of flagging its mobile phones platform. There have been zero flagship devices, despite its rumored Surface phone.

Nowadays, people are gradually moving away from the laptops to the smartphones. And if Microsoft wants to sustain with the Apple and Google, soon they have to bloom in their mobile platform. Here are some of the ways to perk up their Mobile platform.

Drop Licensing Fees

Microsoft has decided to eliminate Windows Phone licensing fees for two Indian carriers. Even Google is also going by this way, such that they can offer products at affordable prices. In my point of view, Microsoft had taken a good deal to attract more vendors.

Give Attractive Device Design

Once Microsoft starts tie-up with the Nokia, it needs to improve the company’s mobile device design. Even though they have done a bit upgrade with its hardware, but still, those products are not up to the level of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Microsoft must change to attract more people to its product.

Embrace Dual-OS Vendors

Recent news reports have claimed Huawei is going to unveil a dual-boot smartphone running both on the Android and Windows Phone platforms. On hearing this, Microsoft was surprisingly loquacious on their idea. At least, while getting into this move, Microsoft will get step stone to draw some folks to experience the Windows platform too.

Invest High on Hardware Aspects

Microsoft can generate serious actions on the hardware sales, which makes a nice profit. Hardware is also being much relevant now. Microsoft Corp has to accept that and invest heavily in hardware to be successful in the mobile industry.

Catch up to Google Play

It was a major issue in Windows OS. Microsoft needs to find a way to entice developers to get their apps easily, and they have to attract more developers.

Spend Boatloads on Windows Phone Development

Let’s be honest, Windows OS is a fine user interface software, but it is not featured as Android and iOS. Microsoft seriously worked out in some features like Notification Center offering, folder support, and more.

Finally, Microsoft has taken a bold step into the future. Businesses run on the win-win concept. It’s not entirely Microsoft fault; their platform is good, and they have much to recommend it. The main problem is that their platform came too late to have an impact on the massive head start that the Apple and Android had done in the market.

Well, it’s time for Microsoft to work exceedingly hard on making Windows phone far more appealing. Let’s wait and see in Future. I think, soon Microsoft will see the day of light.

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