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E3 2017: ‘State of Decay 2’ Your Next Zombie Obsession

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Microsoft kicked off its E3 2017 press conference in an impressive manner. The entire show was filled with 42 games, 22 of that number are exclusive to the Xbox One line of consoles.

One of the games that caught our attention was no other than “State of Decay 2,” the sequel to the 2012 game, “State of Decay.” The game is all about letting players loose in a world filled with zombies and other dangers.

The idea here is to give players the tools to protect themselves and to slowly rebuild civilization. To make this a possibility, the developers made sure to improve on the base building and the weaponry for self and group protection.

No More Singleplayer Only Gameplay

Unlike the first game, “State of Decay 2” has done away with the sole focus on singleplayer. Players have asked for the ability to play the game with their friends, and thankfully, this is indeed the case.

Now, from what we can tell, co-op multiplayer is set in a way where someone playing the singleplayer campaign can simply ask for help, and sit back and wait for a random player to pop up in their game.

Bear in mind there will always be a host player, and everyone else who comes in is just there to help on particular missions. Furthermore, we understand it’s possible to fire flares in the sky to ask for help from players looking to assist.

The Return of Permanent Death

The first “State of Decay” had an impact due to the permanent death feature. This means players must take care in how they control their characters because when they die, there’s no way to revive them.

Being careful with how one deals with their character is very important because they gain vital experience that makes them better and surviving. Losing them means one has to use another, who might not be on par with the one who died.

Community Micro Management

When it comes down to the first game, some players found it difficult to find out what’s happening to resources. For example, a community might have an abundance of food, but one day it becomes apparent the food is running out for some reason.

The developer, Undead Labs, has made it easier to keep track of everything and what’s happening with them. Furthermore, if a player wants to know where a community member is, this new system also makes it easier.

“State of Decay 2” is set to release for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows 10 in Spring of 2018.

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