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Review: ‘Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days’ Is Decent but Disappointing

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Back in the early 1990s, director, Quentin Tarantino showed the world what he was capable of when he directed the movie, “Reservoir Dogs.”

It was a hit that later became a cult classic, and later on, a video game in the form of “Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days.”

The game, while having many of the main characters on the roster, didn’t manage to live up to what we expected it to deliver. In fact, it’s just another twin-stick shooter, although, one with some neat additions.

What Is the Purpose of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days?

Players must control the six characters from the movie; Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, and Mr. White. The idea is to go on several heists, 18 to be exact, so one would likely keep an eye out for some variety, but that not there as much as we hoped.

Every mission begins the same way. The two primary characters exchange some banter, then they walk over to a particular checkpoint, and from there, guns are drawn, and bullets are flying everywhere.

During the flurry of bullets, players must find their way to an abundance of cash awaiting them at the end of the heist. Now, locations differ, but the whole setup is the same, and it plays out through all 18 heists.

For some odd reason, there’s no character development or anything story-wise to keep players excited. Henceforth, “Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days” falls fast into repetition. Furthermore, it’s not possible to skip cutscenes we’ve seen before, so that adds to the receptiveness of the game.

Controls Are Frustrating

The controls are not complicated by any means, but there are some latency problems between the keyboard and mouse, and this will cause for unexpected deaths. We know the criminals met their end in the film, but they didn’t go down so quickly.

When it comes down to gameplay mechanics, “Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days” delivers a rewind option that allows players to turn back the hand of time when things get rough. When this is done, it’s possible to switch to another primary character and kill your enemies.

If there’s one thing we like, it the shootouts and the gore. Blood spills on the floor make for an overwhelming feeling every time.

Overall, “Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days” is a decent video game with fun elements. However, the controls and the overall gameplay simply takes the fun out of the title too early, ultimately destroying the need to replay it over and over again.

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