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How to Check What’s Taking up All That Space on Android

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Chance are you’ve begun to realize that your Android device is taking up a lot of space. This is probably shocking because there’s no way all the gigabytes of space could have disappeared overnight.

Well, don’t be too surprised because downloading apps and adding music to your Android smartphone is a good way to reduce space. Now, you might be wondering what is the cause of this sudden lack of space, and we’re here to say wonder no more.

Let’s Look at What’s Taking up Precious Space on Stock Android

If you’re interested in finding out what’s taking up all the space in your Android smartphone (stock Android), then you’re required to pull down the notification shade and click on the settings icon. From there you’ll have to scroll down to Storage and tap on it.

You should see a list of categories and how much space each is using. From here, you can decide to delete unwanted files from any category in a bid to increase storage for newer and more important files.

What About Samsung Devices?

OK, so Samsung loves to tinker with Android and many of the changes make little sense. Therefore, jumping from stock Android to a Samsung smartphone or vice-versa could warrant users to learn how to use Android all over again.

To check on storage, pull down the notification shade and click on the Settings icon. The next step, then, is to tap on the Device Maintenance menu and then tap on Storage at the bottom. You should come across a few categories such as Documents, Images, Audio, Videos, and Apps.

By tapping each entry, the user can get a broad idea of what’s taking up the most space and delete it if necessary.

Not Satisfied? Try This App

If you’re not happy with how things are done via stock Android and Samsung devices, then how about downloading Files by Google from the Google Play Store. It’s a great tool for checking your storage statistics, and it even allows for the sorting of apps and other files.

The main interface of Files by Google is pretty straightforward and easy on the eyes, which should come as no surprise. It’s very easy to use and might end up being the best app you’ve downloaded in ages.

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