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State of Decay 2’s $29.99 Price Could Be the Future of Microsoft Exclusives

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Not too long ago it was revealed that Microsoft’s newest exclusive video game for Windows 10 and Xbox One, State of Decay 2, would cost $29.99 at retail when it goes on sale in March of this year. The price came as a surprise to some, but there’s a chance Microsoft is testing the waters for something big.

Since the release of the first State of Decay, it was clear that this game would go down as one of the best zombie-focused titles out there. Despite the many bugs and janky gameplay, State of Decay went on to perform quite well in the marketplace, and we’re expecting the same from the sequel.

Now, a price tag of $29.99 is giving the impression to some that the sequel is not on the same level as the many triple-A titles released in the past. These games usually have a price tag of $60, but if Hellblade is anything to go by, then it’s clear that price does not tell the quality of a game.

The question is, then, what’s the idea behind this move to sell an open-world zombie game with four-player co-op for $29.99.

It’s All About Game Pass and Games as a Service, probably

Microsoft is a company that is investing heavily in the Games as a Service model. The company is not OK with just making money from the initial purchase of its exclusive games, henceforth why there will likely be purchasable in-game items in every Microsoft-branded video game going forward.

With this mind, wouldn’t it make sense for the software giant to sell all its games for $29.99 since it could more than makeup for that loss in in-game sales?

If we look at the fact that top publishers such as Electronic Arts and others are making billions per year from in-game item sales, Microsoft could go this route to help ease the mind of those who are not interested in GaaS.

It becomes even more interesting when we realize that Game Pass could also attribute to cheaper games. If millions of Xbox players are paying a monthly fee of $10 along with buying items from within a game, we do not see why Microsoft could not reduce the cost of its games across the board in the future.

Wishful Thinking, Maybe?

Hey, maybe State of Decay 2 didn’t cost much to make, or it could be that Microsoft doesn’t have much faith in the game. Whatever the case, this is a game that looks good, much better than the original, and it only cost $29.99.

You know what? That’s good enough for us.

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