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Starsky Robotics’ Driverless Truck Is a Reality in the Making

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Electric cars are the talk of the auto industry these days, which is followed by driverless cars. You see, the ability to jump in your vehicle and never touch the steering is something we’ve only seen in movies, and now, it’s becoming ever so possible in the real world.

Now, while the industry slowly moves to implement these autonomous cars into the lives of citizens worldwide, the question is, then, what about driverless trucks? We haven’t heard much about them, but we’ve certainly seen a lot of activity around the Telsa electric semi.

One company is aiming to change that by focusing on the development of driverless truck technology. Right now, it’s all in the software behind the machine, and no doubt it’s going to change the world.

Starsky Robotics is the company in question

The company, as of right now, appears to be making all the correct decisions since it has managed to gain $16.5 million in funding from Shasta Ventures. Additionally, the start-up announced that it has finally driven its self-driving truck for up to seven miles without a driver.’

“No safety driver behind the wheel, no engineer hiding on the bunk. We are the first company to make driverless trucks a reality,” according to Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO of Starsky Robotics, in a blog post.

Here’s the thing, Starsky Robotics isn’t the only company looking to bring forth the first fully autonomous truck to market, but they are indeed the first to show the technology running in real-time.

While some companies have come up with the idea of blending software with hardware to assist human drivers, Seltz-Axmacher believes this is not the right approach if they want to make lives easier for truck drivers.

“You only solve [this problem] by getting the driver out of the truck. Any autonomous truck that still needs a physical driver doesn’t go far enough to solve the problem,” says Seltz-Axmacher.

A step to replace drivers altogether?

We can’t help but wonder what will happen when the driverless truck technology becomes mature. Will it replace truck drivers, ultimately forcing them to seek new careers? You see, automation is becoming ever so important, which means, it’s not impossible to design a truck capable of driving itself along with unloading goods at any specific checkpoint.

There are many who do not believe that robots and artificial intelligence are the end of the human workforce as we know it, but as time goes by, the truth will become more apparent.

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