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Review: Kolibree Ara Artificial Intelligent Electric Toothbrush

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The electric toothbrush is nothing new, In fact, a lot of people are using it, but what happens when a artificial intelligence is added to a toothbrush? It gets transformed into the Kolibree Ara.

After getting my hands on the Ara smart toothbrush, I didn’t know what to expect. Not only was this first time I’d be using a smart toothbrush with artificial intelligence, it would also be my first time using one of the electric models.

Hey, I’m old school and tend to prefer the regular brushes. I’m one to believe that not everything requires technology.

How Does the Ara Stack up to Regular Toothbrushes?

The build quality of this thing is on point. The version we have in our possession is the latest, therefore, it’s white, supports wireless charging and has a deep connection with your smartphone, granted you’ve downloaded the Kolibree app.

Now, using this device is quite easy. You see, it comes with a single button that turns on and off the product. A single press of the button and the brush begins to vibrate in your mouths, and while I didn’t like the feeling, it did a good job cleaning.

When it comes down to the app, users are asked to synchronize the toothbrush with the app. Once this done, you’ll realize most of the cool features are part of the app, and that there’s really no artificial intelligence feature here.

Due to the sensors inside of the brush, the app can tell which section of your mouth is getting attention from where is getting less attention. It’s pretty cool but not as exciting as I’d hope.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

OK, so it takes a short time for the battery to hit a full charge, and takes up to two weeks for before the battery dies. The problem is, the battery is built in, so when it eventually loses its ability to hold a charge, you’ll have to purchase a new toothbrush instead of a new battery.

Since the Ara cost $129 to own, not having the ability to remove and replace the battery is a bad idea. The good news, however, is that users can replace the brush head, but they’ll have to purchase it from the Kolibree app only, and that doesn’t make any sense.

Final Verdict

The Kolibree Ara is merely a toothbrush for children to enjoy instead of adults. If you’re an adult, then you’ll already know how to brush your teeth, therefore, the app aspect is useless.

Interestingly enough, the company is selling a similar toothbrush for children known as the Magik. It’s deemed as the first augmented reality toothbrush, but since the Ara didn’t have real artificial intelligence, we’re a bit skeptical of the Magik.

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