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Is ‘Radical Heights’ Another Cliff Bleszinski Failure or Surprise Success?

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Cliff Bleszinski is a man who wants to return to the days where a video game he works on is taking the world by storm. He tried with Lawbreakers and failed, and now he’s trying again with Radical Heights.

For those who aren’t aware, Radical Heights is a video game based on the current Battle Royale trend. Ever since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became a thing, it was clear many developers would follow in hopes to get in on the money.

Epic was one of the first to come through with a success story in the form of Fortnite. The game is now the most popular Battle Royale games on the market and mainly has to do with its free-to-play nature.

Radical Heights Is Also Free-to-Play

It’s clear that Cliff Bleszinski’s game studio, Boss Key, believe it’s possible to make a name for itself in the Battle Royale arena, because similar to Fortnite, Radical Heights has also gone down the road of free-to-play.

It makes sense for Boss Key to dabble in the free-to-play market where this game is concerned because it would seem that only PUBG is capable of surviving as a paid experience.

Not to mention, Radical Heights has a similar look to Fortnite, and that may or may not be a good thing for Cliffy B.

Colorful Cel-Shaded Graphics

If you’re not tired of all the popping colors in Fortnite, then chances are you may enjoy what Radical Heights has to offer. The game is filled with colors along with quirky moments similar to Fortnite.

Furthermore, there are several trampolines scattered around the map, which could suggest the team was inspired by the Xbox One exclusive game, Sunset Overdrive.

Players can even travel around the map on bicycles. In fact, it appears as if a single bicycle is capable of holding two players at the same time, so prepare for some deadly ride-by shootings up in this joint.

Plans for a Mobile Release in the Future?

From our standpoint, the decision to go with a cel-shaded graphics design is proof enough Boss Key wants to release this game on mobile in the future should it gain success. The ability to scale a game with less impressive graphics across multiple platforms is much easier than a game with a realistic art style.

Epic’s Fortnite is proof of that since the mobile version looks very similar to its PC and console counterparts.

PUBG, on the other hand, looks almost completely different on mobile, but the core gameplay is still the same.

Will Cliff Bleszinski Find Success With Radical Heights?

The market for Battle Royale games is not yet full and congested, so there’s a chance for Radical Heights to find good enough success to keep going. However, from what we can tell from the gameplay video, this title is far from ready for prime time.

The graphics have this weird look, the gunplay appears underwhelming, and the entire concept just has this boring feel to it.

It looks extremely rough around the edges, and it just doesn’t seem that interesting of a game. Yes, it’s a different take on the Battle Royale genre, but so far, it comes off as any game in Early Access. Interestingly enough, it will begin life in Early Access starting April 10, 2018, via Steam.

Another problem one must take into account, and it’s the fact that gamers do not like Cliff Bleszinski. He’s viewed as a person who’s full of himself, arrogant, and a host of other things. For Radical Heights to take off, it may depend on Mr. Bleszinski keeping his mouth shut.

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