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Want VPN Protection While Mobile? InvizBox GO Delivers on That Front

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We now live in a world where we feel almost like fish in water. It might sound strange but after this scenario, you will understand why. You are at a café or park and your device alerts you to free Wi-Fi.

The signal is really good too, a perfect time to check your email or cloud service, or just to continue a video conversation. But wait!!! Is this safe Wi-Fi service being handed out or is there someone sinister behind it, lurking with the Wi-Fi “bait”, waiting to catch unsuspecting persons who log on, waiting to take advantage of someone’s information.

It could be legitimate Wi-Fi, but someone is able to take advantage of it to snoop into other people’s connected devices. You pass up the opportunity, you say “better safe than sorry”.

All Hail the InvizBox Go

What if you could hook on to the Wi-Fi and have control, be the fish that swims up to the bait, hold the hook, remove the bait, eat, and swim away. Sounds impossible? What if I tell you that it is not? What if I tell you that you can have your own Fort Knox on even the most public Wi-Fi?

Well, it is true, InvizBox Go is just what you need to protect you and your information from being hacked and stolen.  You can surf without fear, you are protected.

InvizBox Go

InvizBox Go is another innovative product from the Australian company InvizBox. InvizBox Go is an all in one portable VPN router, power bank, ad blocker, it can unblock content globally, and it can also be used as a Wi-Fi Extender.

This sleek little box packs a punch with all those features. InvizBox Go can be connected to multiple devices all at once. InvizBox Go will encrypt all internet traffic, so the devices are protected from prying eyes.

There is no software to install so multiple devices can be connected without the hassle of installing software on each.

InvizBox Go can protect all WI-Fi capable devices at your home 24 hours a day.

InvizBox Go

Access Blocked Content

Say goodbye to the annoying “video/content not available in your region.” InvizBox Go allows users to access blocked contents from anywhere in the world.

True Portability

The InvizBox Go is pocket-sized so it is not hard to carry around, for the portability and power, it Is definitely worth having.

InvizBox Go is a true travel mate as it will not only provide protection from snoopers it will also provide protection from the dreaded drained device battery. The InvizBox Go will fully charge a cell phone or top up a tablet.

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