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Artificial Intelligence Could Bring an End to Rising World Hunger

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Apart from some terrorist activities, life-threatening illnesses, the threat of war, among others, one of the greatest plagues that mankind faces is hunger.

Indeed, hunger may appear petite to some terrorist act that can slaughter a hundred souls in one committal, e.g. a plane crash, bearing in mind that the victims would have been way above the poverty line and would not have experience hunger.

Again, a wealthy person, who had never felt the pang of hunger, now suffering from an illness in its critical stage, would disagree.

However, whether or not one agrees to this author’s rating relative to hunger, there’s no denying that it is making its presence felt, and it is not confined to any selected zones as the United Nations confirmed recently. According to that promulgation, worldwide, more than 815 million people are experiencing hunger, and that number is rising.

The most recent United Nations estimates stated that the current world population is 7.6 billion, of which 816 million is almost 11 percent. Now, what could have caused 11 percent of the world’s population to be in a position that they are unable to put food on their tables?

Suggested Causes of Hunger

At the top of the list of probable causes, this author would expect to see impoverishment. Yeah, some people are too poor to even afford the basic necessities.

Other suggested causes include: farmers not being educated on the science of agriculture; therefore, crops are not planted in the appropriate seasons, the appropriate seeds are not being planted, the correct soil for each crop is not utilized and lack of proper machinery for soil tilling etc.

As suggested, without the necessary tools, products, and knowledge to do the work, the yield will be considerably less than expectation. Displacements relative to tribal and civil conflicts or natural disasters are other causes put forward by the World Food Program.

It is good that the relevant authorities are aware of some of the causes of hunger, which meant they should be in a position to tackle the root cause. In reality, though, can they make any huge impact as it relates to eradicating hunger? We will have to wait and see.

Artificial Intelligence Could Bring Big Changes

To assist in solving the hunger issue, artificial intelligence enters the equation. How will it help? This technology will assist in educating farmers of the best planting times for the various crops, the best seeds to plant as also the recommended soils for the various crops.

Artificial Intelligence will also be able to foretell areas that are conflict-prone and also to predict natural disasters. If this technology is introduced, farmers will be better prepared and equipped than they are now.

The farmers will access artificial intelligence on their smartphones. So, what if there are farmers, who cannot afford smartphones? Where do we go from there? That is relatively easy. Smartphones will be donated to farmers who cannot afford them.

Also, farmers will be educated and given the required tools for them to benefit from artificial intelligence. Thereafter, it is expected that farmers yield will be increased considerably.

The Nutrition Early Warning System (NEWS) is one of the many ways companies are trying to end starvation around the world. It relies a lot on Big Data and artificial intelligence to find early signs of food shortages.

“There has already been some success with 170 farmers in Colombia avoiding potentially crippling losses after machine learning algorithms revealed a drought on the horizon. Consequently, the solution advised farmers to skip the planting season, saving them more than $3m in input costs.

“Rather than judging the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on how well the likes of Siri respond to our voice commands, it is through tackling some of the world’s most pressing concerns that the new technologies will make a lasting impact,” according to Inbenta.


Now, after all of that is accomplished, and farmers yield are increased 100 times, how will it benefit the poverty-stricken?Like the needy farmers who will be issued with smartphones and other tools, will the poverty-stricken be supplied with food free of charge indefinitely? If this is not so, then we would have returned to the first rung of the ladder, where we don’t want to be in the first place.

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