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The First Robot Bank Is Operational and Guess What? It’s in China

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Banking institutions, these days, are operated and staffed by human beings. What is the relevancy of such a statement, one may ask. That is the norm, for humans to be employed in banks, or for that matter, other institutions, is it not?

Yes, it is the norm, for now anyway. However, a few years in the future, this may change, and change drastically. Therefore, one has to be in preparation for this transformation, which, though gradual, appears to be certain, and could be as certain as death and taxes.

What does this mystery surrounds? What possible change could affect human being’s employment in banks, and yes, other institutions, as well, and to what degree? Such a change could be in the form of robotics replacing human staff in banks.

This change could be to such an extent that the only human staff that would be required would be security personnel. Then again, eventually, they, too, may be replaced.

This situation may seem farfetched, but, in reality, it is not, if one considers the possibilities, as also some of the things and services that are already in existence. The Automated Teller Machine is one such example of services, which we have access to, without any immediate human’s assistance.

Therefore, without anything effective that one can do to prevent the take-over of some of human’s occupation by robots, let us relax and await the coming of such an era.

Robotics Bank Staff Introduced

Now, whether you believe it or be appreciative of it or not, the fact is, that era is already here, as one such bank as mentioned in the second paragraph of this article is already in existence.

In China, in Shanghai’s Huangpu district, the first bank with almost a complete non-human staff is operational.

The China Construction Bank Corporation, one of the leading banking institutions in China, is the entity credited with this achievement, as the bank in Huangpu is one of its branches and was refurbished solely to operate with a skeleton human staff.

The new branch of the China Construction Bank Corporation utilizes the services of robotic account managers. It is reported that this form of artificial intelligence is able to manage over ninety percent of the bank’s services, and, of course, this includes currency exchange.

If the robots handle these services with any amount of efficiency, is it possible that humans will not be missed in the banking sector, and will eventually fade out? This is very much unlikely.

Humans Services Still Required

The branch is not empty of humans, though, as security personnel still offer their regular services and also act as guides to acquaint customers with the new smart terminals. Also, there are special rooms where customers can converse with human staff members via a remote video system.

According to YANG CHENGXI from CGTN:

“Unmanned banking allows those who previously worked front of office to help develop technologies or offer remote services, while the bank can save manpower and put more resources into offering personalized services”.

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