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Interview: Audeara Speaks to Us About Their Headphone With Hearing Test Features

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Listening to music is great as it soothes the soul and has the power to keep us focused. However, listening to music too loudly is likely to cause some form of hearing loss.

Now, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), “1.1 billion young people (aged between 12–35 years) are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in recreational settings.”

A company known as Audeara knows how dangerous hearing loss is due to its medical past, and as such, the team chose to bring forth a new type of headphone that takes the problem of hearing loss into consideration.

We got the chance to speak with a representative from Audeara to learn more about this interesting headphone that could change the way we listen to music.

What led to the creation of the Audeara headphone?

(Audeara): We saw patients in the hospital who were facing long wait times and wanted to make hearing tests quicker and easier to reduce the burden of hearing impairment. We decided to put all the technology into a set of headphones so you could do the hearing test anywhere and would need large, bulky, expensive equipment.

From there we had developed a set of headphones which understood how each person hears in them and realized what we could do to make music perfect for everyone. We wanted everyone to understand their hearing and wanted everyone to be able to get the most out of their music and entertainment.

How is it possible for a headphone to aid in testing a person’s hearing?

(Audeara): We put all the technology into the headphones themselves and our secret sauce is the way in which we can then use the headphones with any smart device and get the same quality of test.

Would you consider licensing the technology to competing companies?

(Audeara): Anyone who wants to enhance people’s entertainment experience and teach them about their hearing health isn’t a competitor to us, they would be a partner on the same journey. We’ve begun the discussion with companies already.

Other headphone makers have said their devices were designed to deliver the perfect sound. What make’s Audeara’s claim any different?

Other headphones focus on increasing the integrity of the sound signal using high-quality materials and zero lag drivers etc, they focus on the hardware. We focus on what really matters, what you can actually hear.

We understand all the technology is inside the Audeara. How was this done?

(Audeara): We originally built a large testing unit, then an FPGA, then we kept improving the technology until it was able to be incorporated into a commercial ready chipset with enough firepower to handle the integrity of the test and the personalization of the sound.

Are there any plans to partner with audiology companies outside of Australia?

Absolutely and this is underway. Our focus is on bringing the technology to as many people as possible.

When can we expect to buy the Audeara Headphones in the West?

(Audeara): You can pre-order now, we’re currently sold out but the next batch is on the way!

For those who are on the fence about Audeara’s impressive technology, take the time out to convince them.

(Audeara): If you want to get the best out of your music, movies, calls, tv, stereo, you need to focus on what really matters which is what you can hear. We enhance the entertainment experience while providing a platform to learn more about your hearing so that you can continue to enjoy your experience into the future.

Hearing loss is horrible for so many reasons, social isolation, loss of communication, loss of your ability to enjoy your music.

Do something about it in a way that makes your experience the best it can be now and into the future.  Perfect sound, always, means sound tailored perfectly for you that is going to adjust with you over time.

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