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Surviving Mars Opportunity Patch Notes Brings a Lot of Good and Some Bad

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For those who are playing Surviving Mars, one of the popular games on Steam today, the developers have released a new patch, and we’re going to talk about some of the changes it has brought to the table.

It’s one of the better patches because it brings several new features to the game, many of which have the potential to greatly improve the fun aspect. Not only that, but there are some new additions to the Game Rules.

OK, so first up we can see that it’s now possible for connecting drones together for the sake of creating new Passages. You’ll want to do this if you want colonists to move freely into end-to-end domes.

We should point out that because these passages are created with drones, they are quite fragile. It means should a meteor hit one of the passages, any worker inside will likely die, so be careful.

Surviving Mars

If you’re late in the game, then you’ll enjoy the fact that the patch has brought forth three new workshop buildings. Get these buildings up and running and you’ll create more employment without a fuss.

Every colony needs water to supply, so with this in mind, the developers have added a new Water Tank that is able to store up to 1,000 units of the special commodity. Furthermore, there’s also the addition of technologies that make it possible for players to build Workshops, Automated Storage, and Large Water Tanks.

As for the Game Rules, here’s a list of the new additions:

  • Prefab Colony: Begin with free prefabs for all buildings necessary for a small colony.
  • No Disasters: Disables all disasters (excluding those coming from mysteries).
  • Hunger: Can’t import food from Earth.
  • Inflation: Import prices increase over time.
  • Long Ride: Rocket travel time to and from Mars is three times longer.
  • The Last Ark: Can call a Passenger Rocket only once.
  • Amateurs: No specialist applicants.
  • Rebel Yell: Colonists periodically become renegades. Crime is more severe.
  • Chaos Theory: Tech fields are fully randomized.
  • Winter is coming: Cold Wave rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power consumption even more.
  • Armageddon: Meteor rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.
  • Dust in the Wind: Dust Storm rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.
  • Twister: Dust Devil rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.

A few problems

Here’s the thing, we have a set of people who can build spaceships among other impressive things, so one has to wonder, why do they need to research a storage platform? For them, it should be a simple thing, therefore, researching is redundant.

Now, another problem is the decommissioning protocol. Players need to research this, and my stance is simple, yet again. If they can bolt it together, what’s stopping them from unbolting the thing?

The developers should take these issues seriously moving forward.

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