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Multiplayer Games Are the Future Due to Higher Profitability

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As the years go by, it becomes quite apparent that game developers are pushing more towards the creation of multiplayer games, even if they have to attach it to a single player experience.

You see, it’s all about having a game that players will want to play for a very long time, and to make additional cash outside of the initial cost to purchase.

It has proven to be a worthwhile business venture so far with many game developers finding long-term success in their multiplayer-focused plans. BlueHole, the publisher behind “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” and Epic, the publisher behind “Fortnite,” are prime examples of where things are going.

A lot of players when they tackle these games, they tend to not miss the single player experience due to the overwhelming fun factor these multiplayer experiences bring to the table.

Multiplayer games are easier to make

Game development is a big business, and like every business, money will become an important part of every decision. It’s all about the cost of developing a game, the cost of marketing, and the return a company would likely gain from their investment.

From such a standpoint, single player games will always be a risk, especially to small and upcoming developers. The creation of a single player game, especially if it’s of the Triple-A variety, cannot survive in no capacity if it launches as a failure.

However, it’s always easier to make changes to a multiplayer game if critics and gamers alike do not find it enjoyable. A few changes can transform such games from complete disasters to something worth playing.

Multiplayer games are more profitable

Like it or not, but developers are able to monetize multiplayer games in ways not possible with single-player titles, and that allows them to earn more from a single game over multiple years.

One of the most profitable games in the world is no other than “Crossfire,” a First-Person Shooter (FPS) made in China. In 2013 alone, this game generated a whopping $957 million in free-to-play revenues alone, according to data from SuperData Research.

Microsoft is one of the few game console makers that is preparing its platform for what is to come. Most of the company’s Xbox One and Windows 10 PC games have some form of multiplayer focus, even in their single-player campaign.

The company’s latest titles, “Sea of Thieves” is strictly multiplayer focused, and the upcoming “State of Decay 2,” while a game that is primarily single player-based, has a strong online co-op aspect.

Additionally, the launch of Xbox Game Pass is a clear sign that Microsoft is looking beyond single player and to the future, that is Games as a Service (GaaS).

Worry not, the triple-A single-player experience won’t go away, but they won’t be as prominent in a few years as they are today. It’s all about the money, so don’t be surprised if most developers decide to go as far as adopting the free-to-play model.

After all, it’s working quite well for “Fortnite” and World of Tanks, and even Cliffy B’s newest game, “Radical Heights,” is free-to-play and 100 percent multiplayer focused.

  1. Hicken says


  2. YOUDIEMOFO says

    Yeah sure…..if you have a slob of zombie like drones who pay their loot crate garbage then sure I guess there’s money to definitely be had.

    I personally do not spend a dime on any free to play game, but instead have made money on selling off my free vouchers that came with my graphics cards in the past. I guess my time is worth the most these days, so if they get that then they have won in theory…

  3. Nick . Awesome says

    Single player gaming is the future! There, i said it! for every multiplayer “phenomenon” there are ton of excellent single player games out there, when people will be tired of mp bullshit there is always going to be a good alternative, also single player games can be very profitable as well, just take a look at the witcher 3, fallout 4, zelda breath of the wild and god of war, don’t forget all the multiplayer games that were commercial and critical failures like lawbreakers, evolve and battleborn

    1. Vamien McKalin says

      That is true, but you also fail to mention the many single player games that have failed over the years.

      A single player game only has the potential to make money for a time, while multi-player games can turn a profit for years if handled well.

  4. Ghost says

    Hell No!

    God of War blows Sea of thieves out of the Water.

    True Next Gen SP games are the Future!

    1. Vamien McKalin says

      God of War is a better game, but Sea of Thieves have the potential to make more money if it survives its current problems. Within a few months, any profit made from God of War will be minuscule at best.

  5. Jordi Geerts says

    Yeah. No.
    Multi-player games are indeed more profitable but the problem with that is that unlike single player games, multi-player games can only live through large communities.

    Sea of thieves is already dying on pc and people aren’t gonna bother going back to it because of the now botched reputation it has and it is all Rare’s fault.

    The reason why multi-player games aren’t the only future is because of the profits actually. The greed of these companies ends up holding their games back and we have seen it more and more happen in this gen. Release an online only game with barely any content. Claim to fix that. Never really fixing it.

    I mean fuck. How many times does this scenario have to happen? Sea of thieves, For Honor, The Division, Destiny, all these have a poor reputation for a reason and you need money to keep making content to get people to come back on top of paying servers. Yes servers are a must as that and the micro transactions was the death of For Honor.

    Oh and one more thing. I hate console exclusives myself but I get why they exist. Seems like Microsoft however forgot. What are some of the games that people claim as system sellers? Horizon Zero dawn? God of War? Persona? Halo? Forza? Gears of War? Zelda? Mario? Metroid? Monster hunter? Bayonetta? Dark Souls or bloodborne? And you know what? None of these are multi-player only games. Ofcourse correlation does not imply causation but there is a reason why companies do invest in these single player (maybe with some online elements too) games.

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