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The Robots From Boston Dynamics Can Change the World

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Boston Dynamics is making all the right moves to usher in a world where robots are an important aspect of our lives. The latest reveal shows the Atlas running around outside, and this time around, it looks more natural than ever before.

A previous video also shows the SpotMini navigating in and out of a building, and at one point, it climbed and descended a stair with relative ease. This was not done with grace and smoothness, of course, but it does go to show how far things have come.

What we’ve seen doesn’t differ much from what we’ve seen before, just better. In the first video, you can see Atlas taking a jog outside, and when it came across a log, it simply stops, analyzes the situation, and jumps right over it.

This is the same robot that did an impressive backflip back in 2017, so we know it’s capable of great things that Boston Dynamics aren’t showing the world just yet.

As for the SpotMini, the cute little dog-like robot, we understand an operator had manually steered the robot through the course for it to map the area. After that, the robot did its own thing without human aid.

Now, it’s not the fastest robot on the planet, therefore, the company had to speed up the video and slow it down at key moments, for example, when SpotMini was climbing the stairs.

How can these robots change the future?

Well, Atlas in our eyes is more of an industrial robot due to its large size. It can help employees carry things around from one location to the next, and even become an important figure on battlefields around the world.

SpotMini, on the other hand, is great for aiding the blind and others with disabilities. It can even help folks carry groceries to their home or anything else that is too heavy to carry by our feeble human hands.

Make no mistake, Boston Dynamics is ahead of the game with these robots, and no doubt, others will follow in the years to come.

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