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Streaming Video Game Service Utomik Is Finally out of Beta

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After what seems like forever, Utomik, the Netflix-like game streaming platform, has finally launched out of beta and is ready to take on the world. The initial beta began back in March 2016, and two years later, things are looking quite fine.

During the beta period, Utomik has managed to partner with over 100 publishers, and with that, the service has over 750 games to show for its efforts. We understand that publishers such as Warner Bros. Games, Disney, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Epic Games, and Curve Digital, IO Interactive, are some of 100+ publishers.

Compared to other subscription-based streaming video game services out there, Utomik is boasting bigger numbers, and the company can only go up from here since gaming subscription services are the future, no doubt about that.

“As we have now officially launched, users get unlimited access to play over 750 games for USD 6.99 a month* or USD 9.99 a month for a four-person Family Plan. The launch will also include a new and improved client design,” according to Utomik.

More than 20 games added each month

In a recent press release, the company says it ensures the game lineup remains fresh at all times, which is why 20+ new games are added every month. Furthermore, the latest games to hit the service are Batman: Arkham series, Saints Row IV, Human: Fall Flat, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Jalopy, The Flame in the Flood, Furi, and more.

Interestingly enough, Utomik is working with IO Interactive to bring games from the popular Hitman series to the platform. That’s a big deal, and we can only hope the team manages to land day-one releases of big triple-A titles in the near or distant future.

The first Hitman games should grace the streaming service this summer, so if you’re a fan of the series and a subscriber to Utomik, you should have reasons to be excited.

We should point that if you’re a subscriber from the early days, then the original $5.99 monthly fee won’t go away, just as long your subscription is kept active

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