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‘Blood Ancestors’: Gear up and Defeat the Ancestors in This FPS

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Ever wanted to play a first-person shooter (FPS) video game that is set in a medieval world? If that’s a yes, then you might find solace in “Blood Ancestors.” It’s a multiplayer team-based game with an eSport style and feel, and it’s set in an interesting medieval fantasy world.

“Blood Ancestors” was developed by Snowpeak Studio using the Unreal Engine 4 developing platform. The multiplayer aspect is designed to work with 4 vs 4 matches where players must defeat their enemies and capture the relics.

While the game is mainly multiplayer focused, there is a decent enough backstory going on here. Apparently, a group of people known as Arhan: The Bloodied, have been forced to leave their world after dabbling in the dark arts.

They even believe themselves superior to the Relic cult, and that’s not something the cult is willing to turn a blind eye to.

Eventually, the group, Arhan: The Bloodied, managed to come across a new world, Vetland. Here, the Light and Darkness factions do battle.

As it stands, then, Arhan promised these factions they could repair Vetland with the power of the Relic, and as such, they are then transported there to be used as an army in the ongoing war.

Light: The fools, they want to use the promised power to repair Vetland.

Darkness: Their true intentions are to use the power to permanently surrender the Light to them. They are also interested in the dark arts of the Bloodied.

Interesting Features Found in “Blood Ancestors”

  • Unique melee combat
  • Team-Based competitive first-person multiplayer gameplay
  • Action set in a medieval fantasy world
  • 3 factions, 6 character types, and 18 different classes
  • Full skill configuration
  • Different skins and colors for each class

The game is available right now on Steam for the cool price of $19.95. So far, the title has garnered mixed reviews, but since it’s multiplayer-focused, the developers have lots of room to improve the core experience.

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