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Mishiko Pet Care Tracker Can Keep Your Dog Safe and Protect Its Health

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Some folks who own dogs tend to lose their pets now and again due to the dog finding its way outside, or someone manages to steal the animal from its home for whatever reasons.

Now, if the owners had a GPS system designed for man’s best friend, then chances are, they wouldn’t have lost these beautiful animals forever.

This is where the Mishiko GPS tracker comes into play. What we’re looking at here is a device that is not only designed for keeping dogs safe, but it’s also great for keeping up with their health.

If you weren’t aware, dogs do suffer from health problems, many of which are caused by how they are cared for by humans. Unfortunately, the world is filled with obese dogs and pets in general, and these owners are not doing enough to keep things on track.


Mishiko is hoping to make a change

Here’s the thing, Mishiko is capable of providing real-time coordinates with up to 4m accuracy that can be viewed anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the device can tell the number of steps your dog has taken for the day, and the makers have gone as far to say the product can rival your FitBit.

“In the UK, it is estimated nearly 1.2M dogs go missing each year, with a large portion of them never returning home. The Mishiko Collar lowers this stat by giving a dogs’ real-time coordinates with up to 4m accuracy and with Mishiko’s global SIM-chip, it is possible to track a dog from anywhere in the world. It works with a mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, which also allows users to set geographic ‘stray’ limits to ensure their dog has not roamed too far,” according to Mishiko.

When it comes down to obesity where domestic dogs are concerned in the UK, it’s the number one problem. What’s interesting is the fact that obesity can reduce a dog’s life expectancy by over two years.


If a dog owner decides to add Mishiko as part of their arsenal, then they’ll be able to keep track of their dog’s movements and behavior. If your furry friend is not moving around as much as he or she should, then owners can take this as a sign to take them for a walk.

It gets even better when you realize the device comes with a unique algorithm that can tell the characteristics of over 600 breeds using the dog’s individual data: weight, age, and sex.

“I’m so proud of the Mishiko collar, and hope dog owner’s like myself, will enjoy using it with their pets, and give them some peace of mind that they can be re-united with their four-legged friends at the touch of a button,” according to Matus Horak, CEO of Mishiko EU. “We’ve designed this product with the health of your pet in mind, with a fantastic app which will let you track your dog’s weight and activity to keep them fighting fit!”

The device is being sold for £99.99 via Amazon UK, and

All the features you need to know about:

  • Superior Design with aluminium body and high-quality electronic components
  • Global Connectivity: worldwide data roaming in 170 countries
  • No Buttons. To turn Mishiko on, just shake it
  • Waterproof: your pet can swim using the device
  • Comfortable collar and universal mounting
  • Wireless charging station: no need to detach the device from collar during charging
  • Soft and energy efficient backlight lets you easily find your dog at night
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Body: Anodized aluminium + ABS plastic with SoftTouch coverage
  • Dimensions and weight: 52x49x22 mm, 40g
  • Shock resistant and waterproof: IP67
  • Supported: 2G/3G, GPS
  • Battery: Li-Po, 480 mAh

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