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German Autolabs Wants to Change the Way You Drive With Chris

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Amazon has done a great job with Alexa, now everyone wants to get onboard. With the coming of the self-driving car, artificial intelligent voice assistants will become the norm in vehicles, and a company known as German Autolabs is already at the forefront with Chris.

Chris is a device that is similar to the Amazon Echo, but the entire thing is designed for use inside your car. Just prop it up on your car’s dashboard and get ready to have a discussion with an AI while you’re driving to work.

From the video above, we can see that Chris is quite impressive in what it can do. The ability for drivers to ask for directions, play music, and even have it read out your WhatsApp messages is quite overwhelming. It’s better than having to fiddle with your smartphone while driving, which is illegal in almost every country.

When Is Chris Ready to Hit the Market?

The plan is to have Chris added to every car, which is an ambitious goal if you ask us. Additionally, the official launch date is set for September 2018, but surely, German Autolabs will have a lot of work on its hands to convince automakers that Chris is a viable option to add to the many features found in modern vehicles.

Things could be inching upwards for German Autolabs since Clive Millington came on board recently to aid with the launch.

For those who are unaware, Clive Millington is the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TomTom. Basically, this is a man with a lot of experience in consumer electronics who has helped shipped over 100 million consumer-related devices.

By bringing his expertise to German Autolabs, the company has a good chance of releasing a successful product where Chris is concerned.

“I’m really excited to be helping the German Autolabs team in their quest to introduce Chris to the market this year. Chris is an incredibly useful driving assistant being introduced during a period where European law around smartphone usage in the car is getting ever stricter. By using a combination of voice and gesture control, Chris enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road whilst staying connected to their smartphone, and can be used in any car.”

We should get more information about Chris before the launch in September of this year, so stay tuned to TechWeh for more.

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