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Interview: InvizBox Go Creators Spoke With Us About Their Security Device

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Security is very important when you’re browsing on the web, therefore, users must always do what’s necessary to ensure they are safe. It’s even more important when you’re using public Wi-Fi since anyone could be snooping around for personal information.

Now, there are several ways to protect your mobile devices while on the go, but one of the most interesting that is available today is called InvizBox Go.

We got the chance to speak with a representative from the company behind this wonderful product. If you ask us, the answers are very informative and should sway the minds of anyone who’s still on the fence.

Who Are the Target Consumers for InvizBox Go?

Our base target customer is people who have bought or are thinking of buying a software VPN solution. Those people are already aware of the privacy and security needs in today’s online world.

Our second customer is the people with a growing awareness that online privacy and security is a must, people that like and were shocked by the Snowden revelations and recent Cambridge analytical scandals

Does the Device Deliver the Same Security Assurance Similar to the Home Version?

Yes, the InvizBox go and the InvizBox 2 share a lot of the same features. The 2 products are siblings and can work together to create great overall security AD privacy solution. You can use the Go to connect to an InvizBox 2 at home and have the same level of security when you are out and about.

InvizBox Go Is Open Source. Why Was This Done and Are There Any Security Risks?

Actually, it is the opposite. By being Open Source and allowing people to view the code ensures a greater level of trust and security. There is nothing to hide and it is easily verifiable.

Is It Possible the Hardware Might Slow Down Internet Connections?

With the Go, the max speed is around 25Mbps. This is more than enough for a user using it when traveling or at a hotel.

Where Are the VPN Servers Located?

We’ve partnered with IPVanish who is one of the largest no-log VPN providers in the world. We have over 500 servers from 60 countries around the world, you can view them here

  • How is InvizBox Go different from a VPN app?
  • We differ from an app in a number of different ways:
  • Plug and play, no setup
  • Auto updating
  • No software to install on every device, all your devices can be secured with the device
  • We add parental controls and ad-blocking
  • Opensource

On the Matter of Battery, Can It Be Replaced, and How Was 10-Hours of Battery Life Achieved?

The battery cannot be replaced, unfortunately. The runtime of 10-hours is achieved as a mix of a good choice of hardware and software to manage the device.

What Would You Tell Those Who Are Not Convinced About What InvizBox Go Is Capable of Doing?

You only have to go to our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to see the great review and positive feedback we receive.

“As I told the InvizBox Team, this is the very best Kickstarter project I’ve invested in. My box works fine without a problem, and to say the quality of the device exceeded my expectations is an understatement!”

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