Review: ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Is Good but Lacks Efficiency

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Due to our ever-busy lives, it becomes difficult for us as humans to do every task around the house without a little bit of help. Cleaning an entire house can be quite time-consuming, especially if there’s a lot of dust to remove.

This is why several companies have created robots designed to automatically clean away the dust from our floors, ultimately making it easier for whenever we decide to grab a broom. Now, while there are several robot vacuum cleaners on the market, we’re going to focus on the ILIFE A4S.

Here’s the thing, the ILIFE A4S is an upgraded version of the A4, and it brings a lot of the table. It won’t match the A46 in all areas, but it comes very close. Not to mention, it’s cheaper than the A6, and from our time with the device, we can say for certain that it’s capable of cleaning up a lot of messes.

Let’s talk about how well the A4S cleans

We’ve been using this robot vacuum since 2017, and surely, it performs quite well, though not on the same level as its high-end competitors. It does a decent job picking up most debris on the floor, but from time-to-time, it may push some debris to the corner.

Now, since it comes with an improved motor over the A4, users should expect it to perform better on a carpet. It shouldn’t be used carpets with a lot of fluff because the wheels weren’t designed for such a terrain, but carpets that are flat should work just fine.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the power required to deep clean carpets, and that may end up being a problem for some.

Another problem that needs mentioning, is the fact that the algorithm is completely random. It just moves around without a single process that tells the ILIFE A4S what it should do at any given time to improve cleaning efficiency.

What about battery life, then?

This thing can run between 120 and 140 mins due to the inclusion of the same 2,600 mAh Li-ion battery found in the A4. The A4S has a longer runtime than the original because of improved efficiency, and that’s great.

We should also point out that the ILIFE A4S comes with the edge detection features. It simply means that if the product is cleaning and comes close to the edge of a balcony or stairs, it won’t fall off. It’ll automatically back-up and continue its task.

Also, if you’re not interested in pressing the buttons on the device itself, you should know it comes with a remote.

The ILIFE A4S is overall a great product, and the fact that you can get it for $180 today via Amazon makes it even better.

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