Review: We Took the PowerUp Dart Paper Plane for a Test Flight

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We here at TechWeh enjoy playing with new toys, especially the ones that are unique in many ways. One of the most interesting devices we’ve managed to get our hands on, is the PowerUp Dart, a paper airplane with a twist.

You see, many of us as children have created paper planes of all shapes and forms. We threw them around outside and watch as the wind takes them to great heights, and at times, in a puddle of water.

But what if we could create a paper plane and control it with an Android or iOS smartphone? No, we’re not joking around here because, with the PowerUp Dart, this is a real possibility.

The Flight of Your Life

Here’s the thing, the PowerUp Dart was sent to us directly from the creators themselves. The packaging was quite straightforward, so there were no surprises. In the box, users should expect four pieces of paper for creating planes, two propellers, the landing gear kit, a USB charging cable, and the smart module.

Now, for some folks, they might find it difficult following the instructions found in the manual, which is which we recommend watching several videos on PowerUp Dart’s official YouTube channel.

You see, once you’ve watched all the necessary videos, making an airplane from the papers provided should be an easy affair. Just make sure you have steady hands, scissors, and a roll of tape.

Bear in mind that if the paper plane is not made properly, it won’t fly as intended, so put some time and effort into it.

In terms of battery life, the device only takes a short amount of time to charge, but as expected, you won’t get an hour of flight time on a single charge. Expect up to 15 minutes, which is fine since the battery along with the entire product is small.

Let’s Talk a Little Bit About the App

To get your handiwork in the air, the smart module, when attached, must first be connected to the PowerUp Dart app. The app forces you to go through a tutorial phase before throwing up the flight deck.

We should point out that it’s important to activate Flight Mode on your smartphone before attempting to fly your paper plane. Furthermore, there are no onscreen control buttons, which means, controlling the plane while it’s in flight requires the use of the gyroscope sensor inside of your smartphone.

It’s not the best, but it works most of the time so that’s great. The problem is since your phone and the Smart Module on your PowerUp Dart paper plane is connected via Bluetooth, you should keep both devices in close proximity of each other.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun creating the plane from scratch, and going through all the hurdles of getting it to fly for the first time. We suggest having family and friends around because doing it alone isn’t all that exciting.

This is just an initial look at the PowerUp Dart as we continue to play around with it. We’ll have more along with videos of this bad boy taking to the skies.

If you’re interested in the PowerUp Dart paper plane toy, then visit the official website and grab a kit for yourself.

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