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The Heari Wireless Headphone Is Smart Enough to Adjust Your Sound

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Wireless headphones haven’t changed much in a long time, but one company is aiming to spice things up with Heari. From what we have come to understand, this device is a smart headphone that takes advantage of Heari Audio’s impressive technology, Aumeo.

Aumeo is all about tailoring the sound to reach a user’s full hearing potential. According to the company, the Aumeo technology is capable of mapping the unique hearing sensitivity of the owner to various sounds, then it’ll adjust the music based on the user’s profile.

As it stands, then, the results are a tailored audio experience that is custom-fit for ears of the owner. It doesn’t end there since the creators have designed an app for Heari, and it’s all about allowing the user to further customize the sound to their liking.

“Heari is a premium neckband headphone designed to bring the most out of your hearing in all situations,” said MF Jebsen Electronics Managing Director Angus Fung. “We are proud to bring together our team’s expertise in hardware and manufacturing with AumeoAudio’s world-class tailored audio software.”

Now, we doubt everyone will fall in love with the Heari headphone since it is from the in-ear variety. Still, for those who prefer these types of headphones, you may very well fall in love with what this device has to offer.

Here’s a bit more on the specifications:

  • Premium CSR8675 Bluetooth DSP chip by Qualcomm
  • 24-bit audio processing
  • 3 built-in microphones for optimal quality
  • Only 3g of weight felt by your ears
  • All day, 10-hour battery life
  • MMCX compatible
  • Durable wire made of aramid fiber
  • Foam tip tailored to different ear shapes
  • Your choice of high quality single or dual dynamic & balanced armature drivers

You know, this reminds us a lot of Audeara, the headphone with cool hearing aid features that we talked about a while back.

If you’re interested in this device, you can support it on Kickstarter right now before the campaign comes to an end.

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