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‘Ball Grabbers’ Looks to Be a Decent Sports-Fighting Game

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There haven’t been a lot of worth playing party games for the Windows PC platform, but the indie developer, Part Time Monkey, is hoping to change that with Ball Grabbers (cheeky name). The game is available on Steam today, and it’s quite affordable.

OK, so from what we’ve gathered, Ball Grabbers is a 1v1 Sports-Fighting game that appears to be a mixture of Football or Soccer to some, and a lot of fighting. Players will have the option of picking between three characters, which is quite small of a number, but that’s fine since this is a 1v1 multiplayer game.

Players can battle each other in five different arenas that consist of traps, bombs, and other horrors that could change the game.

Each player is required to toss, dash, tackle, jump and throw the ball in a bid to score a goal. Think of this as the simple version of Rocket League, then you’ll get an understanding of what this game is all about.

“Ball Grabbers captures the spirit of neo-classics such as Gang Beasts and Mario Strikers, and it introduces a whole new gameplay perspective,” says Tuomas Erikoinen, founder at Part Time Monkey. “If you play against a friend, endless fun is fully guaranteed.”

Ball Grabbers is a game that supports the mouse and keyboard, which is expected due to it being a Steam game. However, the developer stated that the title is best played with a controller.

Some features of the game:

  • 1v1 Sports Fighting Arcade Game
  • 3 characters to choose from
  • 5 different combat arenas
  • Obstacles such as animals, bombs, and traps
  • The game can be played with 2 controllers or on a single keyboard

Overall, we have to say that from the videos we’ve seen, Ball Grabbers looks like a fun game to play. We’ll surely talk more about it when we deliver a review at some unknown point in the future.

Download and play the game right now from Steam for the cool price of $4.99.

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