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Mixcder’s New E8 Headphone Is Here With ANC Noise Canceling Tech

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Headphones are getting much better in terms of design and audio quality, but not only that, they are also getting smarter. The latest headphone from American global audio specialist, Mixcder, is called the E8, and it’s quite the looker.

The new headphone, from what we have gathered, features Mixcder’s latest advancements in its ANC technology. For those who might be wondering, the ANC smart technology was designed to deliver superior audio quality and enhanced wireless convenience.

When it comes down to the design, the E8 has a cool looking black finish along with soft foam pads that are of the premium variety. The company says the E8 is the best audio accessory for travelers and commuters, and they might very well be correct.

Does the E8 support noise cancellation?

Yes, it supports hybrid active noise cancellation, which means, users should not experience external noise when listening to their favorite tunes.

Now, we understand it takes advantage of a digital signal processor (DSP) to analyze sound waves whenever external sound is detected by the headphone. Additionally, it creates inverse waves to cancel out any ambient sound, therefore, users should have a great listening experience.

In terms of other aspects where technology is concerned, well, the E8 is rocking a 40mm driver, and the wideband frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz with a comprehensive midrange, impactful bass, and lengthy treble.

“The E8 features buttons and a microphone allowing for wireless control of music and hands-free phone calls. The large-circumference ear cups are made of aluminum, which makes the sound easier to rebound and provides a premium, high-end look,” according to Mixcder in a statement.

If you’re worried about battery life, then you shouldn’t because the company says the device can run for up to 18-hours while in wireless mode. Now, if you want improved listening time, then how about attaching the included 3.5mm audio cable, turn on ANC, and watch as the battery life jumps to 40-hours on a single charge.

If ANC is not enabled, then your E8 headphone will act as a standard wired headphone without all the bells and whistles.

You might think that because the E8 is so packed with technology, it’ll be too expensive to own, but that is not the case. The product is available on Amazon UK today for the cool price of £59.99.

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