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‘Pokemon Go’: How to Capture Gengar in Latest Raid

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Pokemon Go made a big splash on Halloween, but the day is gone, therefore, it’s time to return to some good old-fashioned Raid battles. From what we’ve come to understand, this new raid doesn’t contain a legendary Pokemon, but instead, Gengar.

By now most Pokemon Go fans must have heard of Gengar, one of the first-generation creatures. For those who are wondering, Gengar is one of the most powerful ghost-type Pokemon of all time and an all-time favorite where the original Pokemon game is concerned.

If players catch one of these creatures, they should bear in mind it’ll come with the attack moves, Lick and Psychic. These are a combination of decent moves to start things off, and if trainers are lucky, they could capture one with a high CP.

Additionally, Gengar has never featured in the game before as a Pokemon Go trainers can capture, so this will be a first.

How to capture Gengar

First thing is first, Gengar doesn’t have a lot of HP, therefore, it would make sense to go in with a team of Pokemon with high damage attacks. Now, the best way to counter Gengar, which is a Ghost-type Pokemon, trainers must go into battle with a Ground, Psychic and Dark-types to gain the upper hand.

Since this creature has high attacks and low HP, the best option is to dodge some of its attacks then hit it on the counter.

For those who own the likes of Espeon, Mewtwo, Alakazam, and Tyranitar, it shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat Gengar because this Pokemon is in no way stronger than any of the creatures we suggest.

In fact, we believe that just a few of these Pokemon can easily takedown Gengar, so expect a rough fight since this is a level 4 raid, but one that shouldn’t take too long to win.

At the end of the day, Gengar is a powerful Ghost-type Pokemon that is great for most battles. Be careful, this Pokemon could end up being your favorite in the long run.

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