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Facebook ‘The Last Oasis’ VR Experience to Premiere at CTN Animation Expo

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Facebook has been doing whatever it can to push forward its virtual reality (VR) ambitions, and so far, things haven’t yet moved forward inthe fastest way possible. But that’s fine because the company is currently working on its The Last Oasis VR experience.

We understand the event will take place at the CTN Animation Expo that takes place from November 15-18, so mark that date on your calendar.

Now, for those who are wondering what The Last Oasis is,well, it’s a VR narrative that was created entirely in Quill, and it was done in approximately five days. Additionally, the painting was created by the author, Goro Fujita for the Oculus Quest, and so far, it looks great.

Right now the entire thing is merely a prototype, primarily designed to help developers take advantage of the free movement of every compatible all-in-one VR devices. In the near future, then, folks could get the chance to lose themselves in room-scale Quillustrations, and that’s something we’re looking forward to.

Here’s the description:

It’s the year 2125. A man-made disaster has devastated much of the earth’s ecosystem. Numerous superstorms have made North America’s entire West Coast inhospitable. Ogini Orog, a brilliant scientist and one of the few survivors, has built himself a safe bunker using his wits to survive the hostile environment looking for artifacts in order to extract and save the last remains or nature. Explore each room to uncover clues.

If everything goes according to plan, then Quill could become the main tool in developing VR experiences, and that might end up pushing Facebook into the top spot where virtual reality is concerned.

It’s very much clear from the purchase of Oculus VR that Facebook takes virtual reality very seriously, therefore, what it is doing today should come as no surprise to anyone who has been keeping tabs.

What’s interesting about Quill is the fact that anyone withan artistic mentality can create stuff. It’s an entirely new medium, but right now, only time will tell if it will ever take off in a big way because the VRfield is being populated by big named competitors.

We have Sony in one corner with its PlayStation VR and Microsoft in the other with its HoloLens headset and the Mixed Reality platform. Surely, competition will only heat up in the coming years, but as it stands right now, Facebook has the upper hand, and that’s a good place to be.

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