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‘Time Wanderer’ Is a Role Playing Game About Aliens and Time Travel

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There’s a new video game in development, and it’s called Time Wanderer. The title is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), and if everything goes according to plan, the game one day make its way to Steam, the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and possibly the Nintendo Switch.

For now, the developers are hoping to gather enough cash via Kickstarter to fund the project for at least a single release on Steam, everything else would come at a later date.

Now, folks might be wondering what this game is all about, and is it worth your time. Well, we can say for certain that it follows the story of a young girl who goes by the name, Corina. Apparently, she managed to get herself lost in time, and as such, she’s wandering throughout different historical moments.

The end goal is to help Corina find her way back to her own timeline, but that won’t be easy, not one bit. You see, she must find her way home without altering the timeline, and if she accomplishes this task, then she’d be a better time traveler than team Flash.

It should be noted that the game takes place in the year 3012, and at this time, the world is being invaded by an alien race with reptilian design. The human race has been placed into slavery, but a time machine was created to send Corina to the past in a bid to warn humanity before the invasion begins.

However, things didn’t go as planned and Corina is now lost in time and must find her way back.

Here are some of the things you should be expecting from Time Wanderer

  • Strong sci-fi narrative filled with twists and shocking revelations
  • Multiple paths to solve the levels, leading into multiple endings to unlock!
  • Tons of historical collectibles and equipment to search for in huge and varied levels
  • Dynamic combat that offers different gameplay approach
  • Chaos system, every action you take has an impact in the game!

Will Time Wanderer ever come to mobile?

The developers only ever mentioned the Nintendo Switch, but due to the design of the title, we see no reason why it couldn’t work on Android and iOS devices. We could see the game gaining more success on mobile than on PC and consoles, but only time will tell.

If you’re interested in plahying Time Wanderer in the near future, please support the developers via Kickstarter. The title looks very promising and unique in more ways than one. Now, it won’t be a game changer but should be fun enough for a few hours.

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