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The First Robot Toilet Cleaner Is Here in the Form of Giddel

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Humans are slowly adopting technology to replace basic chores, and that can be good or bad depending on the amount of data these devices collect on a regular basis. By now we should know of the many house cleaning robots, but what about the ones for cleaning toilets?


From what we can tell, robots for cleaning toilets are not yet available on the market, but the folks at Altan Robotech are hoping to become the first to release such a product to the market. The product in question is called Giddel, and it’s quite interesting.

You see, Giddel is designed to clean toilets, but unlike the likes of the iLife A4S and similar house cleaning robots, it’s not fully automated. Users are required to pick up the device and attach it to the toilet, then leave it to do its stuff.

What makes Giddel unique?

OK, so the robot comes with 115 sophisticated, heavy-duty mechanisms along with several sensors that are installed in its single robotic arm. Now, since the arm is extendable, it’s able to clean small toilets and extend itself to make sure larger ones are well cleaned.

Due to the advanced dexterity, Giddel brings to the table, it can clean the top of the rim, inside the rim, under the rim, and the exterior of the bowl. It simply means that the robot should have the ability to clean every inch of the inside section of the toilet bowl without missing a spot.

When it comes down the software inside of this thing, we understand that it comes with intelligent algorithms for the purpose of providing safety and object detection. This means the product should always have an idea of what is in its surroundings.

Not to mention, if you have children and pets at home, Giddel should have no problems doing its thing without ever putting them in harm’s way.

Is Giddel water resistant?

Of course, it is; what else were you expecting from this robot? According to Altan Robotech, the outer exterior is made from high-end water-resistant plastic, which means, Giddel’s body can withstand harsh acidic properties used to clean the inside of toilet bowls.

Additionally, the device, if set properly, will never touch the water in your toilet, so that’s good for its long-term lifespan.

To make things even more interesting, this robotic toilet cleaner can clean three toilets every week for up to three years. That’s good because the robot cost a whopping $499, which is not inclusive of tax.

“With Giddel in a family’s home, people no longer have to do the mundane and disgusting task of cleaning a toilet bowl. Instead, they can focus on spending time with loved ones. That is why we developed Giddel, because your FAMILY MATTERS to us.” – Alfred D’Souza, CEO of altan robotech

A summary of things you should know:

  • World’s first portable toilet cleaning robot.
  • Easy to install, one-time setup.
  • Automatically senses and adapts to your toilet’s curvature.
  • Intelligent robot programmed to detect and safely navigate around unexpected obstacles.
  • Hands-free easy operation.
  • Cordless design and portability let you carry Giddel to any toilet in your home.

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