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‘Fortnite’ Addiction Is Forcing Parents to Send Children Into Video Game Rehab

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The biggest video game on the market today is no other than Fortnite, the multiplayer phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It’s not the best game ever, far from it, but it’s free and accessible, which means, anyone can jump in and enjoy themselves.

You see, Fortnite is not only available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam, but also on the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices. It’s safe to say the game is available on every platform that matters, therefore, it’s very easy for children to get involved.

With the vast amount of children playing Fortnite, we’ve begun to hear whispers of a rise in video game addiction and the need for kids to enter into rehab. This is a big deal, and from what we can tell, Fortnite is the primary culprit. If something is not done quickly, the issue could become increasingly worse as the months go by.

The story of 17-year-old Carson

Debbie Vitany is a mother who is fighting to save her 17-year-old son, Carson, from wasting away his years playing video games. According to the disgruntled mother, her son plays Fortnite for up to 12-hours each day to the point where he falls asleep in class.

As expected, his grades have hit rock bottom, and there seems to be no way to set him back on the straight and narrow.

“We’d made some progress in getting him to cut down his Fortnite hours and get better sleep, but he’s slipped back into his old habits,” says Vitany in a recent interview. “I’ve never seen a game that has such control over kids’ minds.”

Now, she’s not the only one complaining about children and even adults being addicted to Fortnite. In a bid to save their children, some parents have chosen to send their loved ones into rehab, but whether or not it’ll work is a different story altogether.

Epic has yet to respond

For those who are unaware, the creator of Fortnite is Epic Games, and while the company has released statements in the past about scammers in the game, it has failed to talk about the growing addiction of which it is profiting from.

At the time of writing, Fortnite has over 200 million registered players, and so far, the game has earned Epic over 1 billion dollars. It’s safe to say that the company doesn’t know how to respond because the addicted are the ones who tend to spend the most.

It’s quite sad when we look at the state of gaming today. It’s more about the money than anything else, and companies such as Epic will try to brush off facts to keep on making a buck.

We all should call for the end of microtransactions in games, but that’s not going to happen because people love free stuff.

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