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Flashe Gaming Glove Could Make You a Better Gamer

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Windows PC gamers are always looking for new ways to improve their skills due to the competitive nature of the hobby. With that in mind, companies have been trying for years to come up with the best accessory, but so far, not have truly succeeded.

At the end of the day, being a quality PC gamer is mostly based on skill, but what if you could enhance your gaming prowess with nothing but a glove? You see, a company on Kickstarter wants to bring to market a gaming enhancement glove, and the dream is close to fruition.

The product in question is called the Flashe Gaming Glove, and so far, it has earned nearly $50,000 on Kickstarter, which is around four times the original amount requested by the company. This should be proof enough that some PC gamers are looking for ways to get better at what they do.

What we have here is basically a compression sleeve, something we’ve seen used by sports athletes. A lot of folks use compression sleeves to stay ahead of their rivals because the product is capable of aiding with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress, and faster recovery.

The compression sleeve is nothing new because athletes have been using it for years. However, from our limited understanding, this is likely the first time a sleeve was created specifically with gaming in mind.

From what we can tell, it would seem as if the company behind the Flashe Gaming Glove created it in the first place to appease to professional gamers and the eSports community. Still, that doesn’t mean regular players are restricted from getting in on the action.

Let’s talk about the design

According to the Kickstarter page, it comes in standard black, but if consumers want, they can get it in a variety of colors. The creators say that the Gaming Glove is made from polyester, and the reason for going this route is due to the material’s benefit to compression in general.

They went on to add that standard sleeves are made from nylon, but that material is not on the same level as polyester. As it stands, then, we’ll just have to take their word for it since we have no experience on the matter.

The design also allows for reduced friction when the mouse control hand is rested on a desk. As we know, long-term PC gaming without quality protection can lead to several injuries, therefore, this Gaming Glove could be the perfect way to avoid injuries while playing for hours.

Potential backers should expect to have their Flashe Gaming Glove delivered to them in December of this year, and in February of 2019. However, we have no idea when the product will go on sale for us regular consumers.

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