Survey: Many People in the EMEA Prefer AI to Manage Their Cybersecurity Needs

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in this modern world due to the advancements of technology. As it stands right now, humans are the ones who monitor cybersecurity networks and issues, but that could change in the distant future.

According to a recent survey that had around 10,000 people from the EMEA taking part, a quarter of them would prefer to have artificial intelligence (AI) managing cybersecurity. That is quite surprising, and it goes to show where the world is headed.

For those who are wondering, EMEA stands for, it means Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Therefore, only folks from the continents took part in the survey.

The survey, which was done by Palo Alto Networks and YouGov alongside Dr. Jessica Barker, made it clear that the respondents who are open to AI tend to have a positive outlook on where cybersecurity stands in their lives.

Here’s what Greg Day, VP and CSO EMEA at Palo Alto Networks ha to say about the matter:

“AI is already playing a vital role in cybersecurity, helping to detect and prevent breaches with new capabilities that the human brain simply could not achieve. It is encouraging, therefore, to see the gap closing between AI- and human-managed cybersecurity technologies, and the positive attitude towards cybersecurity checks that comes with a preference for AI technologies is one we hope to see embraced by more people in the future. Humans are risk averse, yet innovation requires taking new steps and many still see change as a risk. Taking responsibility for data loss and keeping personal data secure is the first step in ensuring we are using best practice within a business and education is key in helping respondents feel safer online.”

When it comes down to the security of the Internet of Things (IoT), the majority of the respondents believe it is not secure enough. Bear in mind that IoT devices are quite popular among smart home and wearable enthusiasts, therefore, if things are not secure enough, then privacy could be at risk around the world.

We suspect that within just a few years, more citizens of the EMEA will likely put their trust in AI. No doubt things will get better, but it will take some time for this to happen since AI is still in its infancy.

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