The Nintendo Toaster Console Is the Best Idea Ever

Nintendo and toasts, that’s something you’d divulge in, right? Well, if you’re that type of person, then chances are you’ll take a liking to the Nintoaster 2.0 Retro Model. The device is a Nintendo NES system built inside of an actual toaster.  

The man behind this contraption is no other than Jarno Kotavuopio. He tends to enjoy making Nintendo custom consoles, and from what we can tell, he’s good at it. So far Kotavuopio has designed two of these beauties, which includes the one we’re discussing right now.  

We like the fact that the cartridge looks like a loaf of toasted bread. If you had no idea from beforehand, then we doubt you would have known that this toaster is an actual Nintendo NES system right before your very eyes.  

It’s a very good illusion. But bear in mind that it’s not possible to make a real toast with this thing. Furthermore, the creator made it clear that these designs are priceless to him which simply means they are not for sale.

Hopefully, one-day Kotavuopio will release a video showing the world how to make our own version of the Nintoaster. Until then, just watch the video below and have a look at this wonderful piece of gadgetry.

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