All-Electric Ford F-150 Hauling 1 Million Pounds Is Misleading

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Ford Motor Company has been investing a lot of money in the creation of its first fully electric F-150 pickup truck for quite some time. The company is still years away from releasing its first product, but a recently released video shows early signs of promise.

You see, Ford unveiled a prototype of its F-150 fully electric pickup truck a few days ago, and in truth, it doesn’t look any different from the current line F-150 trucks on the market today.

It’s not a big deal because as stated above, this is a prototype, therefore, the finished product will likely look much different from what was shown. Maybe it will look like a Rivian, or something entirely different, who knows?

Now, this concept pickup truck from Ford is quite compelling, and that’s primarily due to it being a fully electric truck with the ability to haul 1.25 million pounds of weight. The motor company showed it off in a video, and as expected, most viewers were jumping for joy.

Now, we should point out that not everything is as they seem. This video shows the importance of rolling resistance coefficients. If we look at the video, we can see why Ford chose to have the F-150 haul a train on a railway track instead of pulling something with wheels on a road.

Because of CRR, the pickup truck only needs to deliver over 1,800-pounds to move the train, which is quite easy. In fact, many other trucks can perform this task just the same without major problems, but Ford won’t tell you that at all.

If the automaker had chosen to pull the 1.25 million pounds weight on-road tires, that would be around 10-times the CRR of railway track. The truck, then, would need to deliver nearly 19,000 pounds of force to get a move on. Since that amount is more than what the F-150 weighs right now, it simply means it would be impossible for the truck to move the cargo, no matter the engine size and power.

This piece of information is very important because no one sits around with the idea of buying a pickup truck to tow cargo on a railway. Therefore, we believe that Ford is manipulating its fan-base into believing its first all-electric F-150 is a powerhouse, more so than others.

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