Mixer: Ninja and ‘Halo Infinite’ a Match Made in Heaven?

Recently we learned that popular Twitch streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has decided, in partnership with Microsoft, to abandon Twitch and stream exclusively on Mixer. For those who might be wondering what Mixer is, well, its another streaming platform trying to compete with both Twitch and YouTube for your eyes.

At the moment, the Mixer streaming platform, which is owned by Microsoft, sits right behind Twitch and YouTube in terms of popularity. However, with Ninja on board, things could change in the coming years, especially if Microsoft decides to throw its money around in a bid to attract other popular Twitch stars.

Now, there is one major aspect of this deal that many seem to have missed, and that is Halo Infinite and the next-generation Xbox. These two things are very important for Microsoft in the coming year as the company seeks to dominate the gaming market over rivals. With the likes of Ninja streaming exclusively for Mixer, one can be certain that the Fortnite streamer will focus much on the new Halo whenever it is released to consumers.

We should bear in mind that Ninja was a professional Halo player before his rise to stardom. In his announcement video, Blevins said he was going back to his roots, a huge hint that Halo Infinite is an important aspect of this deal.

One should not be surprised if Ninja becomes the face of Halo Infinite in the future, at least where the multiplayer section of the game is concerned. Microsoft will need someone with a huge fan-base, and right now, Ninja is their best bet unless someone better comes along in the future, which is very much possible at this point.

As for the next-generation Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, Ninja could become the face of the console’s launch in 2020. We expect him to pop up at the Microsoft E3 press conference next year promoting both Scarlett and Halo Infinite, and no doubt the software giant will benefit a greatly from this.

If we were to check Blevins’ followers right now, chances are, many of them are just teenagers, and these are the type of gamers Microsoft would want to attract if they want Halo Infinite and Scarlett to become a success in the distant future.

As it stands right now, it’s too early to tell if things will work out as planned, but if it does, then whatever amount Microsoft paid to get Ninja to switch platforms to Mixer would mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

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