RevoNext Introduces the Affordable NEX202 Dual-Driver in-Ear Earphone

The folks at RevoNext have introduced a new earphone known as the NEX202. It’s a dual-driver in-ear device, which means, it should, in theory, provides quality bass and overall sound. RevoNext is well known for creating quality earphones, and they’ve been doing it for the past 15-years.

One of the first things user will realize when looking at the NEX202 is its design. The aviation aluminum alloy outer-body gives off a fashionable texture that should allow the earphone to fit into any occasion. Not only that, but they were ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the ear without causing discomfort.

Interestingly enough, the cable on the NEX202 offers changeable line design, which uses the 3.5mm anti-oxidation nickel-plated connector along with a 0.78mm 2-pin plug detachable HIFI high-end audio cable. From what we have gathered, this further enhances the sound quality and options for personal use.

Now, if your device is lacking a 3.5mm connection, then worry not because RevoNext is selling a Bluetooth cable designed to connect directly to your earphone to create a device that is future-proof and ready for any situation.

The company should consider adding the Bluetooth connector as part of the overall package in the future, but or now, we’re happy it’s an optionable accessory for consumers if they are not into wired earphones.

Let’s talk about the audio quality

When it comes down to earphones, the most important thing for music listeners is the audio quality. According to the creators, it comes with a 12mm big titanium composite diaphragm with dual-driver for high frequency. If you’re into a clear sharp treble, and a powerful, yet deep bass, then the RevoNext should be right up your alley.

Not only that, but the product is quite affordable, which is not surprising because the company is known for creating quality earphones with an achievable price. The cost at the moment is a cool £55.99/$49.99 on both Amazon UK and Amazon US respectively.

We hope to have the NEX202 in-ear earphone in our hands at a later date to let you know if it lives up to the billing.

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